Soldier Pigs (Also Guard Pigs) are pigs that serve King Pig and are commanded by Corporal Pig to mantain order and prevent intruders in the castle and to fight the birds to get the eggs. 

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They are pigs commanded by Corporal Pig to missions, they are respectul to their leaders and to each other, but are mean to the birds and will try anything to stop them from retrieving the eggs, they also like to have fun when they have nothing to do, which ofter angers their leader when they have an important mission but are not doing their jobs.


They are normal Minion Pigs that wear metal soldier hats.


Angry Birds Toons

Season 1

Trojan Egg

One of them first appears in the episode Trojan Egg as a normal pig with a Pitchfork that noticed the Trojan Egg and called all the pigs.


They then reappeared in Slappy-Go-Lucky as  Minion Pigs with a bowl in their heads and using pitchforks, which they commanded the Red, Chuck and Bomb Pigs to get in front of Foreman Pig's Egg-Snapping machine.

Sneezy Does It

They reappeared in Sneezy Does It, punishing the pigs that failed to bring King Pig to his castle. 

Hamshank Redemption

They then have a larger role in Hamshank Redemption, where they bring Prisioner Pig to his cell and catch him until he then escapes.

A Pig's Best Friend

In A Pig's Best Friend, they have their normal appearance. They bring Jay as a pet to King Pig and then become King Pig's pets after Jay escapes.


In Hambo, they appear with a more military-like appearance, wearing dark green caps, still with the pitchforks. They were seen guarding the Test Site.

Shrub It In

In Shrub It In, they were guarding Pig City (Without Helmets), but Bomb blew the fence gate up, destroying it


Season 2


They come back in Dogzilla, two of them appear without helmet, in which they were guarding King Pig but the dog scared them away.

Bearded Ambition

They then appear in Bearded Ambition (Without Helmet), in which they saw King Pig angry with his castle's burn down but they were forced to take their beards and the beards in paintings and sculptures at the castle.

Eating Out

They then appear in Eating Out, in which some were guarding Pig City's gate and other heading to King Pig's castle with a carriage full of sweets. Red, Chuck and Bomb got hungry, so they entered Pig City, without the soldiers noticing a first but they noticed and went to see it, but got beaten up and the birds stole their helmets.

At the castle, the soldier pigs put the carriage of sweets, Corporal Pig was checking the soldiers, who he accepted Bomb and Chuck, but Red defeated him, causing the soldiers to try to defeat the intruders, but the birds succefully got a cake and escaped to the Cobalt Plateaus, with all pigs beaten up.

The Great Eggscape

They were dispatched by King Pig after he noticed that Red was defeating the pigs, one of them went to the door to see if he was still there but Red collapsed the door on him.

Then, all of them were going to defeat the bird, but a rock crushed all of them.

Season 3

A Fistful of Cabbage

They saw King Pig leave the castle with a cowboy outfit and were confused.

The Porktrait

They were dispatched by Corporal Pig after he thought that the Red and Chuck pigs were the real birds and were harming King Pig, they caused trouble.

The Stalker

King Pig was checking all the Soldier Pigs, but noticed that Hot Dog Vendor Pig was there, which he demanded them to take him from there.

The Angry Birds Movie


In the movie, they are like Military Soldiers that have helmets that are mostly green, they are similar to Corporal Pig , the commander of the Soldier Pigs. 


Leonard commanded the Soldier Pigs to hunt down the birds that broke into the city. After noticing that Red broke into
the castle, Leonard commanded the Soldier Pigs (Including Monty), that were playing a card game,  to search for Red in the castle, they thought that they have to search for him in the walls, but Leonard was referring to the castle as Walls.

After this, they went to the hideout to place the eggs and then painted the door of it with the phrase There are no eggs here and started to guard. Chuck was demanded by Red to defeat the guards, which he went in full super speed to put all the pigs in place, so one would hit a pig with a boxing glove and paint would fall in the head of another, which all the soldier pigs thought that the pig that was with a paint bucket and a boxing glove did it, but it was Chuck.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Leonard dispatched a bunch of Soldier Pigs to prove to Red that he wasn't lying


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