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Sonic The Hedgehog
Gender Male
Species African pygmy hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris)
Size Medium
Abilities Spin Dash, Speed, Homing Attack, Spin Jump, Bound Jump, (Sonic franchise)

Spin Dash and turn into Super Sonic (Angry Birds Epic)

Strength Unknown
First appearance Rad Mobile

Angry Birds Epic Sonic Dash Event (Angry Birds series)

Latest appearance Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

N/A (Angry Birds series)

Voiced by Roger Craig Smith (currently)

Sonic the Hedgehog appears in Angry Birds Epic for a limited time, and only in the Sonic Dash event. He will no longer be playable after the event ends. He first appears encaged, and once you free him, you will automatically win the level. You must use him as a fighter after freeing him.


Sonic makes a guest starring role on the Sonic Dash Event in Angry Birds Epic for a limited time. He was captured by Dr. Eggman but was eventually set free by The Flock and worked along side them to defeat Eggman's badniks. His abilities are to spin dash on the enemies and turn into Super Sonic when the Rage Chili is used on him.


  • Speed - Sonic has the ability to run fast, just like Chuck.



Sonic The Hedgehog

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png HP


Dancing Spark

Deals 553. 25% damage dealt to this target is applied to all other enemies. Lasts 3 turns.


Mirror Image

Creates a mirror image of the target. It deals 50% damage to the same target. Lasts 2 turns.

Rage Chili.png

Dash Boost

Deals 415 damage. Resets the target's charge counter.

Screenshot 20200301-175444~2.png

Imprisoned Sonic

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 65


Save Me!

Destroy cage to set Sonic free!

Sonic will defeat all enemies in the final wave once his cage is destroyed.


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