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South America[1] is a location that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is a continental landmass located on earth.


Angry Birds Rio

In Angry Birds Rio, the Angry Birds were taken to Brazil after Nigel discovered that they were an exceptionally rare species that he could sell for 200000 dollars. However, the birds broke themselves free and freed all the other birds around, including Blu and Jewel, who had handcuffs that kept them together. The birds then escaped, as Nigel sent his Marmosets to go after them. Despite this, the group still managed to escape. They later ended up on a beach, where Luiz managed to take the handcuffs out of Blu and Jewel. However, Jewel was captured by Nigel, and the remaining birds went after her. Some time later, Blu would be captured as well. The Angry Birds then got aboard Nigel's plane, where Blu, Jewel and other birds were held captive. The Angry Birds managed to defeat Nigel, who accidentally collided with one of the plane's turbines, significantly damaging it. While the other birds were set free, the Angry Birds managed to control the plane and return back to Piggy Island.

Other game appearances

Angry Birds Seasons

Main article: South Hamerica

In Angry Birds Seasons, South America is where the South Hamerica episode takes place.

Angry Birds World Tour

Main article: South America (episode)

In Angry Birds World Tour, South America is where the episode of the same name takes place.

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