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Following the success of boss fights in Angry Birds Rio. Angry Birds Space brought back this kind of system starring the Bad Piggies. Unlike the bosses in Angry Birds Rio where all of them only moves avoids the attacks, most of the bosses in Angry Birds Space are given ability to attack the birds by creating obstacles. Almost all of the bosses are King Pig riding several types UFOs with its own attacks, strategy and methods. Each bosses are given 5 hits except Alien Pig's Saucer who only takes 3 hits and UFO Miner that only takes one hit.

Boss Levels[]

First Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Pig Bang
  • Level: 1-30
  • Boss: King Pig's UFO Tank (Qeen Pig)
  • Attacks: King Pig shoots out bubbles containing either vegetables or asteroids, he also moves around the map.
  • Method: Just shoot the birds at the bubbles with asteroids. The vegetable bubbles have no effect other than giving points. Bomb can also damage the King Pig too.

Second Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Cold Cuts
  • Level: 2-30
  • Boss: King Pig's UFO Saucer (Qeen Pig)
  • Attacks: King Pig just flies around in an attempt to avoid your attacks. Some asteroids were dropped down shielding the UFO
  • Method: Use the frozen asteroids to hit him. Some birds work too, and, if you are lucky, you may even freeze the King Pig with the Ice Bird. If Bomb's explosion hits one of the saucer's claws when it's destroyed, it'll be destroyed as well. All birds go through it too.

Third Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Fry Me to the Moon
  • Level: 3-10
  • Boss: Foreman Pig (Foreman Pig)
  • Attacks: The Foreman Pig do nothing just floating around
  • Note: This level acts like a regular level instead a boss fight

Fourth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Utopia
  • Level: 4-30
  • Boss: Big Bork Fat Pig (Fat pig)
  • Attacks: The Big Bork Fat Pig spins avoiding projectiles while eating popcorn. He will spits the smaller birds.
  • Method: Shoot the cornucopia that shoots popcorn to make it shoot black popcorn, which hurts him. After enough popcorn is on the Fat pig, the cornucopia will not shoot anymore popcorn, so destroy the popcorn on the Fat pig, you can also shoot asteroids in his mouth, birds and black popcorn work too, but only Super Bomb and The Incredible Terence are the only birds that can do a sufficient amount of damage.

Fifth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Red Planet
  • Level: 5-30
  • Boss: Pigs in Curiosity Rover (Sp x2 and Mep x2)
  • Minions: Foreman Pig x1
  • Attacks: The Rover just moves around, the Foreman Pig does nothing, though. However the lava steams changes it's spot
  • Method: The Pigs are riding the Rover, there are also gravitational sections, and the Foreman pig is outside the atmosphere, making him hard to hit. The Rover goes in circles, so shoot the pigs on the rover, it shoule be cautious cause the lava steam changes it's boiling spot affecting the birds' trajectory. After the Pigs in Rover were cleared, simply uses Lazer Bird to hit Foreman Pig so easily.

Sixth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Pig Dipper
  • Level: 6-30
  • Boss: King Pig's UFO Submarine (Qeen Pig)
  • Attacks: King Pig spins orbiting the fish planet, sometimes the engine was off prompting the UFO dives under the water then rises slowly.
  • Method: Use the TNT boxes, King Pig will occasionally lower, making him hard to hit. Try to wait until he rises back up, then hit him again, repeat this one more time, the Eggsteroid is freed and King Pig is defeated. Shooting anchors and heavy birds, such as Bomb and Terence, work as well.

Seventh Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Cosmic Crystals
  • Level: 7-30
  • Boss: Alien Pig's Saucer (Alien Pig)
  • Attacks: The saucer will try to absorb anything in the field, it also spins around. Release a crystal planet every spin when he turns to the right side.
  • Method: Try to pop the bubbles with Asteroid inside then make sure the Saucer absorb the Asteroid and takes a damage, Bomb and Terence also work as well to make a damage.

Eighth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Beak Impact 1
  • Level: 8-20
  • Boss: King Pig's UFO Miner (Qeen Pig) and The Giant Black Hole
  • Minions: Spaceship Pig x23
  • Attacks: Send six waves of spaceship from the black hole. 2-5 ships per wave.
  • Method: Use as least birds as possible and use asteroids as later as possible to get three stars. Use any birds to kill the boss.

Ninth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Beak Impact 2
  • Level: 8-40
  • Boss: King Pig's UFO Miner (Damaged) (Qeen Pig)
  • Minions: Spaceship Pig x7 (will be destroyed if the boss is defeated)
  • Attacks: Send 4 Pig-shaped spaceships if the middle switch is destroyed, Shielded with 4 panel doors.
  • Method: Use as least birds as possible. Use birds to destroy some switches to open the gate for finish the king pig.

Tenth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Brass Hogs
  • Level: 9-30
  • Boss: King Pig's Brass Hogs Fortress (Qeen Pig)
  • Minions: Sp x1, Lp x1
  • Attacks: 2 moving doors.
  • Method: First, take out the two pigs in the left compartments. Second, Blow the doors in front of King Pig.

Mirror Worlds Boss Level[]


  • All power-ups except Space Eagle are not allowed in boss levels except 3-10 and Mirror Worlds levels.
  • Big Bork Fat Pig, Curiosity Rover and Alien Pig are the only main bosses that wasn't a King Pig.
  • Despite being a boss in Fry Me to the Moon, Foreman Pig acts like a regular enemy and no boss theme.
  • Big Bork Fat Pig is the only boss that doesn't ride any kind of vehicle. however it spit smokes when damaged and has UFO explosion when defeated.
  • UFO Submarine is the only boss that doesn't destroyed upon defeated.
  • The Curiosity Rover is the only boss that completely immune to any of the attacks. However it can be pushed if being hit from the front.
  • Big Bork Fat Pig, UFO Submarine and Alien Pig's Saucer are the bosses that steal an Eggsteroid at the beginning cutscene. After those bosses were destroyed, the stolen Eggsteroid was released.
    • The Eggsteroids from Big Bork Fat Pig and Alien Pig's Saucer are same to the ones that being used to teleport into Bonus Level while the one from UFO Submarine are unique sprite.
    • 3 Eggsteroids at Brass Hogs cutscenes may be the ones that were retrieved from Big Bork Fat Pig, UFO Submarine and Alien Pig's Saucer.
  • 7-30 and 8-20 feature Black Hole.
  • In the 2.1.0 game files, There is a second UFO Miner dubbed "MINER" with an unused Drill and some smaller hands on the sprite sheet.
  • The Brass Hogs Fortress is not a true vehicle but made of rocks with some parts are taken from UFO Tank and UFO Miner.
  • While the birds targeting S.P.A.R.K. in Solar System, it doesn't count as boss since it's not an enemy.
  • Danger Zone is the only episode that doesn't feature any boss fights. Ironically it's the final episode of Angry Birds Space.
  • The boss levels in Mirror Worlds doesn't feature a mirror counterpart of the bosses, instead it become a regular level with boss theme played.
  • Each boss level has a different failed screen:
    • Pig Bang and Cold Cuts share same failed screen, The King Pig laughing inside the UFO
    • Utopia has the Fat Pig eating
    • Red Planet feature Foreman Pig laughing
    • Pig Dipper has the same King Pig laughing from Pig Bang and Cold Cuts screen, this time without UFO
    • Cosmic Crystals has Alien Pig laughing
    • Beak Impact feature King Pig smiling
    • Mirror Worlds has Hektor Porko smiling
  • The Space boss levels in Angry Birds Reloaded feature some changes:
    • The bosses now has health bar (except Curiosity Rover that has piglet counter much like other levels)
    • Each boss has its own unique theme except Curiosity Rover
    • King Pig were replaced with Leonard minus his crown (in cutscenes and E-7 however, he wear his crown)
    • Foreman Pig boss in Red Planet now wear an Astronout helmet much like his appearances in Eggstreoids Rover levels.
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