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(Utopia 5-1) to Angry Birds McDonald's
Angry Birds Mega Fling to Bad Piggies 23-6
Bad Piggies 23-7 to Branch Out Level 53
Branch Out Level 54 to Danger Above 7-4
Danger Above 7-5 to Energy Ball
Epic to Ground Hog Day 1-III
Ground Hog Day 1-IV to Joyful Jingle
Judge Peckinpah to Mighty Hoax 5-4
Mighty Hoax 5-5 to Peekaboo
Peekaboo! to Poached Eggs 3-19
Poached Eggs 3-19/Video Walkthrough to Shaking Hall - 9
Shakira to Tatooine 1-30 (Angry Birds Star Wars)/Video Walkthrough
Tatooine 1-31 (Angry Birds Star Wars) to Theme 17-4
Theme 17-5 to Theme S-30
Theme S-4 to Участник:Aenn
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