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Sprung Out
Sprung Out TC
Episode number 11
Air Date September 14, 2017
Written by Jeff Hand
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
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Three-Ring Circus The Cutest Weapon

Sprung Out is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description

The Blues get catapulted into a turbulent situation when the Mighty Express delivers the wrong pieces for them.


  • Jay
  • Jake
  • Jim
  • Zoe
  • Will
  • Vincent


Jay, Jake, and Jim are looking through a magazine. Seeing a catapult, they order the catapult. The box is delivered and the Blues build the catapult. Jay looks around to test the catapult.

He spots Zoe, Will, and Vincent having a picnic. Jay pulls the string, but the catapult moves at an incredibly slow rate that the apple lands directly in front of it. The Blues soon discover that they are missing the spring component from the catapult. Jay mails the order, but they receive an red arrow instead of a spring. He tries again, but they receive a spool of red rope.

Afterward, he sends countless orders and receives incorrect pieces every time from the Mighty Express. Jay could no longer take it after receiving a set of symbols and releases his frustration at the magazine. Meanwhile, Jake and Jim pick up the swirl symbol from the set and stretches it. Realizing a replacement for a spring, they set it on the catapult and inform Jay. Jay returns to the catapult and begins to use it again. Suddenly, a box from the Mighty Express lands on the catapult and crushes it. The box opens and a spring rolls out of the box.


  • The set of symbols Jay received could be interpreted as "censored symbols", symbolizing Jay's frustration from the countless wrong orders.


Coming soon.

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