Stalker TC
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Episode number 101
Air Date April 22, 2016 (Toons.TV App)
Written by Glenn Dakin
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
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Stalker is the twenty-third episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the one hundred and first overall. It premiered on April 22, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig is a master mess maker, but he just might have messed with the wrong piggy.


Minion Pigs are buying hot dogs from a hot dog pig with blue eyes and King Pig pushes all the pigs out the way and eats a hot dog, but makes a mess. Hot dog pig creepily starts staring and following the King Pig. King Pig looks at him and leaves, confused. Hot dog pig appears in a group of Guard pigs and King pig has him kicked out.

At dinner, King Pig is startled and runs off when hot dog pig was in his cabbages. King Pig hides in the bathroom and has guard pigs to guard him against the hot dog pig. King pig reads a  Playpig book and the hot dog pig is right in front of him. King Pig is frightened and grabs a wagon to escape but crashes and hot dog pig, in a shadow look that grabs a knife and gives him the behind, but actually wiped his tail and guard pigs took him away. King Pig spots the sausage chunk and eats it, making another mess and the hot dog pig creepily stares at him again. The credits can be heard; the hot dog pig clutches another hot dog chunk off of King Pig (Which sounds like killing King Pig) and the episode ends.

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  • This episode aired on Earth Day.
  • This is the 27th episode that does not have the appearance of the Birds.
  • This marks the first time a pig was ever depicted sporting an actual eye color other than black. (Foreman Pig does not count due to him actually being blind in one eye, Stella is the first Angry Bird to have this distinction).
  • Three photos from The Porktrait can be seen briefly when King Pig is riding down a hallway.
  • The book King Pig reads has a logo on the cover that resembles the playboy logo.
  • It's unknown why does King Pig's bathroom has no light source in it, unlike normal bathrooms. Or he simply didn't turn the lights on.
  • The episode name shared by the same name with the CBS series.


  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.


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