Stamp Collector
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Episode number 1
Air Date October 3, 2018
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Birds Red - debut, Mighty Eagle (in a stamp), - debut, Chuck - debut, (in the intro) and Bomb (in the intro) - debut
Pigs N/A
N/A Bored Sick

Stamp Collector is the first episode of the first season of Angry Birds Zero Gravity. The plot revolves around Red and his stamp collection.


It’s important to have hobbies when you’re stuck in the isolation of space. You have to have something to hold onto, or you might come totally unglued!


The episode takes place during the birds' 492nd day in space.

Red is happily looking at his stamp collection while holding tweezers, looking for a stamp to add to the collection. He then spots a stamp worth €0.60 ($0.69) featuring Mighty Eagle wearing a pair of Thug Life sunglasses and the Rovio logo, which he then adds to the collection. He then tucks it into place to secure it. He then notices that the stamp flew away from the collection, which makes him retrieve the stamp with his tweezers again then put it back into the collection.



  • If October 3, 2018 was the birds' 492nd day in space, then the birds went to space on May 29, 2017.
  • This episode reveals Red is a philatelist.
  • For some reason, Mighty Eagle is wearing Thug Life sunglasses, referencing the meme "Thug Life".
    • The stamp also says Rovio, Finland.

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