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Angry Birds Star Wars is the third Angry Birds game to have typical video game boss levels, the first being Angry Birds Rio and the second is Angry Birds Space. The boss battles in Angry Birds Star Wars are designed based on the scenes where the film took place. This game is quite unique from the previous installment as some episodes feature a mini-boss level at the middle of the episode (Except Tatooine and Moon of Endor). The boss theme for Angry Birds Star Wars is Imperial March. The episodes that doesn't have any bosses are Tatooine (mini-boss only), Exclusive Levels (mini-bosses only), Boba Fett Missions and Path of the Jedi. Unlike the bosses in Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space which only feature a single boss. The all boss levels in Angry Birds Star Wars feature minions that must be cleared along with the boss in order to complete the level.

Boss Levels[]

These bosses appears at the end level of the episode. At this moment, the "Imperial March" tune was played.

First Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Death Star
  • Level: 2-40
  • Boss: TIE Advanced x1 (TIE Advanced x1)
  • Attacks: Flies around.
  • Minions: (IMPERIALOFFICERPIG) x1, (GRAND MOFF) x1, (TIE Fighter) x5

Second Boss Level[]

Third Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Cloud City
  • Level: 4-40
  • Boss: Darth Vader with Lightsaber (Darth Vader)
  • Attacks: Destroys blocks with lightsaber, also jumps on empty platforms.

Fourth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Moon of Endor
  • Level: 5-30
  • Boss: Endor Shield Generator Bunker
  • Attacks: It opens the gate from time to time.
  • Minions: (DEATHSTARTROOPER) x4, (% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F % 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F) x3

Fifth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Death Star 2
  • Level: 6-30
  • Boss: Emperor Palpatine (Darth sidious copy)
  • Attacks: Deflect items with his Lightning Force
  • Minions: (Darth pig) x1
  • Note: After destroying Palpatine's Shield, you can shoot infinite Darth Vader pig until the Emperor defeated.

Mini-Boss Levels[]

These mini-bosses appears at the middle level of the episode (Except Tatooine). The boss theme also doesn't played in these levels.

First Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Tatooine
  • Level: 1-40
  • Boss: TIE Fighter Pig (TIE Fighter)
  • Attacks: Shoots a laser from one of the wings.
  • Minions: (Storm pig) x6
  • Note: TIE Fighters reappear as regular enemies.

Second Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Death Star
  • Level: 2-25
  • Boss: Darth Vader (Darth pig)
  • Attacks :Holds several blocks and a pig up.
  • Minions: (Storm pig) x6, (DEATHSTARTROOPER) x2

Third Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Hoth
  • Level 3-20
  • Boss: Grand Moff Tarkin (GRAND MOFF) in Star Destroyer Ship
  • Attacks: Shoots lasers out of turrets.
  • Minions: (TIE Fighter) x4, (IMPERIALOFFICERPIG) x3, (DEATHSTARTROOPER) x3, (% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F % 3F% 3F% 3F% 3F) x3

Fourth Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Cloud City
  • Level: 4-20
  • Boss: Darth Vader (Darth pig)
  • Attacks: Holds several blocks.
  • Minions: (Storm pig) x9, (IMPERIALOFFICERPIG) x2, (DEATHSTARTROOPER) x2

Fifth Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Death Star 2
  • Level: 6–15
  • Boss: Grand Moff Tarkin (GRAND MOFF) in Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Ship
  • Attacks: Shoots lasers out of turrets.
  • Minions: (Storm pig) x9, (Modern TIE Fighter) x2, (IMPERIALOFFICERPIG) x1, (DEATHSTARTROOPER) x1

Sixth Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Exclusive Levels
  • Level: E-8
  • Boss: Darth Vader (Darth pig)
  • Attacks: Holds several blocks and a pig up.
  • Minions: (Storm pig) x2, (IMPERIALOFFICERPIG) x2, (GRAND MOFF) x1, (DEATHSTARTROOPER) x4.

Seventh Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Exclusive Levels
  • Level: E-19
  • Boss: Boba Fett (Boba Fett Pig)
  • Attacks: Flies.
  • Minions: (Storm pig) x8
  • Note: Boba Fett reappears as a regular enemy.


  • From 6–26 to 6-29, Darth Vader appears as regular enemy instead a mini-boss.
  • TIE Advanced x1 and Fat Mynock Pig have a same strategy which the minions must be defeated first in order to make the boss appear.
  • TIE Advanced x1 and Fat Mynock Pig have a same health as regular enemies while Darth Vader with Lightsaber, Endor Shield Generator and Emperor Palpatine has a stronger health similar to Angry Birds Rio's bosses.
  • In 3-20, 5-30 and 6–15. The boss are actually the fortress (Star Destroyer, Endor Shield Generator Bunker and Executor-class Super Star Destroyer) not a character.
    • Endor Shield Generator Bunker is also the only main boss that wasn't a character.
    • Four Death Star Troopers are hiding inside the Bunker. In some conditions, destroying it won't automatically killing them.
  • TIE Fighter in 1-40 is the only time it shoots laser. In other appearances, TIE Fighter only floats around.
  • Darth Vader in 2-25 and 4-20 always appear standing on top of two Death Star Troopers. From 6–26 to 6-29 and E-8, he stands on his own.
  • Emperor Palpatine is the only boss that give 10000 points.
  • After stunning Palpatine before finishing him off with Darth Vader, The Imperial March stop playing. The theme won't restarted when the resetting the level unless you close the game and open it again. Darth Vader appearance also changed to resembles Angry Birds Star Wars II.