"Cute and bubbly!"

"This particular princess has no prince, nor any need of one. And it's too soon to dance, but thank you."

Stella, Angry Birds: Big Movie Eggstravaganza (The Princess and the Clown story)

Stella is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. She was introduced in 2012 as a new character in the Back to School portion of Angry Birds Seasons. After her first appearance, she has been widely spread to numerous Angry Birds titles, becoming a well known and beloved character, even spawning her own series. (Angry Birds Stella and Angry Birds POP!, previously).


Stella's Former Description in the Official Angry Birds Website:

Stella's the star of the show and the bird all the others look up to. She may look cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled - if you push her too far, she'll soon reveal her blazing-hot temper! That's just how she rolls, sweet on the outside, and fierce on the inside.

She's a keen adventurer and is always on the lookout for fun, which means she can get bored and grumpy if there's nothing to do. She's also extremely ambitious, and loves taking on tough challenges - but this means that she bites off more than she can chew...

She's an amazing parkour athlete - cheetah fast and awesomely acrobatic.

Stella's Former Description in the Stella Super Interactive Annual Book:

Stella's the leader of the flock. She looks cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled - push her too far and you'll see the feathers fly!

Stella is very loyal to her friends and she's always looking out for them. She doesn't like bullies though, and she has a blazing hot temper that they'd do well to avoid.

Stella loves doing new things and so she always tries to cram as much fun into her days as she can!

Stella's so ambitious that she sometimes takes on too much, but she figures if you don't try something you'll never know if you like it!

Stella is fast as the wind and she's perfected the art of blowing bubbles that she uses to keep herself and her special friends safe.

LOVES: Singing, Exploring

FAVORITE MODES OF TRANSPORT: Skateboard, Parkour (running and jumping across everyday objects as if you're in the gym!)


Stella's Description in the Angry Birds Movie:


Stella is eternally optimistic and bright. Thanks to her inquisitive nature, she has become one of the leading experts on Bird Island.

Stella was first introduced in the Back to School animation of Angry Birds Seasons and was shown to be a very young, playful personality. She started out as a very childish, though cunning, character, consistently fooling the pigs in the midst of their plot to steal the birds' eggs.

However, once she was re-introduced in the Angry Birds Stella game, she was shown to be significantly older and more mature, with a far deeper-toned voice. She is shown to be a very versatile being, enjoying a wide variety of hobbies, including singing, parkour, skateboarding, rock climbing, and handgliding, among others. The "bubble" aspect of her character is completely removed in the games.

Stella is shown to be a very energetic and brave character in the Angry Birds Movie, offering to be slung on the slingshot. Due to her aforementioned acrobatic parkour abilities, she is also depicted to be tall, with a wide wingspan and long, slender, scaly legs.

Stella's Involvement in Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Classic)

Stella 240
Abilities Trapping objects in bubbles, then lifting them up and dropping them.
First Appearance Birdday Party 19-1
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Various levels after Birdday Party.
Strength Weak
Size Medium-Small

   After Stella's first introduction in Angry Birds Seasons, she was quickly added into the original Angry Birds game in the Birdday Party theme; being introduced in level 19-1. From then on, and throughout the games that followed, she was a playale character.

Her and Bubbles are the only two characters whose designs were not changed while all other characters reverted to their "Chrome" designs.


Gameplay with Stella can be extremely challenging at times. This is mostly due to the fact that her ability is extremely unreliable, along with the fact that she herself does not deal much damage. If you attempt to knock over heavy structures, she will only be able to lift blocks that aren't being weighed down by others. If you are in a zone with TNT, other explosives, or many freed, open objects, then Stella may be able to do some significant damage by chance.

On her own, Stella will not be able to do much damage. She will only be able to shatter a single glass block, do slight damage to wood, and will merely bounce off stone blocks (making her physically the weakest bird in Red's entire flock). Stella is most useful when she is surrounded by bricks that are not covered, so the best way to take advantage of her ability is to shoot her in between structures, and then release her ability the minute she falls in between the blocks.

Angry Birds Seasons

Stella 240
Abilities Trapping objects in bubbles, then lifting them up and dropping them.
First Appearance Back to School 1-5
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Various levels after Back to School.
Strength Weak
Size Medium-Small

   Stella's first debut in the Angry Birds Series was the Back to School theme, introduced in a short animation for the episode. She is the fourth bird "introduced" in the episode, as all characters were given tutorial levels in this episode, though she was the only actual new character. After this appearance, she becomes a recurring playable character in various levels afterward.


Stella bears the same ability in the original game in this one. Much controversey arose upon her initial release as many regarded her an extremely useless character, unable to cause any significant level of damage. Many also complained that the "bubble" ability was excruciatingly weak, as it would not (and still doesn't) deal as much damage as the other birds.

When Rovio released Back to School, Stella had initially been even weaker than she is now, utterly incapable of shattering bricks or even popping pigs (something which all the other birds could do with ease). Stella had to be used with much planning and strategy, as she was not nearly as versitile as the other birds (such as Bomb or Terence, whose powerful abilities enabled them to demolish structures with ease).

Angry Birds Rio

She appears in the first theme of Rio 2, Rocket Rumble. She appears throughout the remainder of Rio 2, being playable in various different levels. Stella was not included in any animations or trailers for the game, excluding gameplay trailers.


Stella's ability is the same as the previous two Angry Birds games she appears in, even having the exact same launch sounds and battle cries.

During boss fights (a feature which had been introduced in Rio, whereas before there were only boss levels), Stella's ability does little to the actual boss. Even if her ability is used and manages to trap the boss in a bubble, it will do absolutely nothing, nor affect the enemy in any way. Instead, she should be used as an extra bird, perhaps to trigger TNT or lift harmful debris if the boss is nearby.

Angry Birds Friends!

In Angry Birds Friends!, Stella formely appeared as only a bird that can be chosen as an avatar in the Bird-O-Matic, but Stella later returns playable.


Stella 240

AB Friends Stella

Abilities Trapping objects in bubbles, then lifting them up and dropping them.
First Appearance Pink Friday Tournament Level 1.
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Various levels.
Strength Weak
Size Medium-Small

    She appears playable first in Pink Friday Tournament level 1 on November 22, 2018. She appears in the game again, though infrequently, and can be found in both Facebook and mobile versions.

When her playable version was first introduced, she sported the Toons Design, even in the Facebook version. Her bubbles also had a different design and moved rather than staying still. In the PC version, when looking through the tutorials, there are extra sprites that are not used in-game, such as a more detailed launch sprite.


While there are no changes to Stella's size, ability, and basic principles, her ability is slightly more powerful, destroying other blocks. Using Power-Ups or Special Slingshots will increase her strength and ability.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Stella Organa
Leia pink
Abilities Attractor Beam Pull
First Appearance Hoth
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Various levels after Hoth.
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Stella, or "Princess Stella Organa," is both a main and playable character in the Star Wars game. Stella was introduced from the very start of the game in promotional art and even had her character introduction set, but was not introduced as a playable character upon the game's release. In fact, players had to wait until the Hoth update to play as Stella in levels.

In the storyline of Star Wars, Stella plays the role of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker's sister and Han Solo's love interest. She is first held captive by Darth Vader until she is saved by the others; from then on, she becomes a very prominent character in the storyline.

Strangely, some artwork and animations of her have a tail showing on her back, but it does not appear when you play her in the game. The tail also fails to appear in her plush toy.


Stella, for the first time, is featured with a different ability than what she typically had in slingshot-based games (the bubble ability). Rather, she has a pink tractor beam whith which she can pull objects towards her. While this ability is weak at first, it grows stronger as the player progresses.

Players can use this ability to pull a supporting block on a tall structure, causing it to topple over, sometimes onto other structures. It can also be used to attack pigs beyond the other birds' reach. However, if there is an object between Stella and the player's desired target, Stella will instead hit the object.

It is also of note that all the characters in the game can activate their ability for a short period of time after they hit a structure, which can be used to the player's advantage.

Body-wise, Stella is not very strong, just as she appears in prior Angry Birds games. Once again, she is unable to deal much damage, at best shattering a few blocks of glass and wood, damaging steel only slightly.

If the player uses Stella's ability on the ground or other indestructible material, nothing will happen.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Padme Amidala
Padme copy
Abilities Tractor Beam
First Appearance Battle of Naboo
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Various levels after Battle of Naboo.
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Stella appears in the second installment of the Star Wars series as Padme Amidala, the mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and the romantic interest of Anakin Skywalker. She also appears as Princess Leia, without upgrades, exactly the same as the previous installment; Leia can be unlocked only by purchase with coins.

Padmé Amidala first appears in the boss battle of Naboo Invasion as a captive, locked inside of a cage. Once the player beats the boss battle and frees her, along with Captain Panaka and Jar Jar Binks, she appears in cutscenes of Escape to Tatooine but is not a playable character until the Battle of Naboo episode.

Canonically, her name is "Peckme Amidala", which was introduced in the character encyclopedia book.

In the actual events of the movie, Anakin strangles Padme to her death, which is a very prominent reason for his turn to the dark side, but in the game's ending cutscenes rather than dying, Padme escapes with Obi-Wan. There is no longer regret for Anakin and in place of killing Padme. He instead is greatly injured by Obi-Wan and is made Darth Vader by Palpatine.


Padme's ability is the polar opposite of Leia's. It's the same concept, though Padme's tractor beam will push away structures and blocks from her rather than pull them closer. There are no ability upgrades in the game, so Padme's ability does not become stronger as the game progresses.

The same rules apply for Padme's ability as it does for Leia's; if there is a structure in between Padme and the player's target, the tractor beam will catch onto the structure in between. Targetting indestructible structures or the ground will do nothing.

Just like Leia, Padme is not very strong body-wise.

Angry Birds Go!

Abilities Floating in a bubble
First Appearance Seedway
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Player choice after unlock
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   Stella appeared in Angry Birds Go! with the rest of her flock, along with the pigs. She is the second character introduced in the Seedway episode and is also the first character to be unlocked. She also appears in the cinematic trailer for Angry Birds Go! along with getting her own character video.

Strangely, she and Matilda never appeared in Jenga playsets as promotion for Angry Birds Go!, and were also the only female characters of the game. It is also strange considering that they had Telepods, which used similar/identical molding to the Jenga playsets.

Stella's default car is the Soda Pop Sedan, and in promotional art and on her Telepod she wears sunglasses and a bandana.


Stella's ability is bubble based, like in most of her slingshot-based games. 

When there were boss battles in the game, you would have to beat Stella 3 times in a race in order to unlock her. (which was fairly easy, as she was the first character that players needed to unlock) In these boss battles, she would blow bubbles in order to divert the player. Once the battles were replaced, however, Stella would be unlockable once the player beat the Campaign Level 2 Race 5.

When you play as Stella, her ability is to incase herself in a large bubble, protecting herself from attacks by other birds, TNT laid on the track and other debris while catching fruit or coins. The bubble wasn't extremely powerful, and Stella's ability wasn't as useful as the other characters'. The bubble doesn't last for a very long period of time but is still effective when used.

Angry Birds Stella

Stella ABS
Abilities Pink Flash
First Appearance Branch Out
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Various levels
Strength Moderate-Strong
Size Medium

   Stella was the main character of her own series, she was 1st introduced bird in Angry Birds Stella. The game was introduced in early 2014, where Rovio began teasing newer birds until they revealed that Stella would receive her own game along with her friends. The game begins when Gale orders the pigs to break into Stella's house to steal her scrapbook, which causes Stella and her friends to fight through each level of pigs to chase after Gale.

Stella has a very close bond with her best friends, Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Dahlia, and they all live together on a big tree by the shore. Their former friend turned enemy, Gale, chose power over the flock, causing a separation to happen.

Unfortunately, the game was discontinued by Rovio as of July 13, 2015. Stella wasn't affected by this, as she was a main character in other Angry Birds installments and still is.


Stella has a different ability than the original games. Rather than blowing bubbles around her surroundings, she has a parkour ability (named "pink flash") where she can bounce off of one object and crash into another. This is much more effective than her previous ability and allows Stella to be a much stronger character.

The first object she flies to will be pushed with some force, so the player will be able to knock over moderate structures with great damage, perhaps toppling over stone ones with the right angle.

The second target after she bounces off the first one will have a much more powerful effect; once she hits the structure she will have a mini-explosion, and she herself can destroy bricks and pigs effectively, as she is launched at a very high speed.

If you use Stella without her ability, she won't be as strong, but can still break a few bricks and can pop pigs with ease. (however, it is notable that in this game, pigs are much tougher than in the originals)


Previously, Stella had 3 level types that the player could play with as her but is only available for the "Pop the Top" levels now. In these levels, the player must pop the bubbles all the way to the top, where they must pop 6 of the very top row bubbles, freeing the fireflies, in order to beat the level. It can be noted that the player must make groups of at least 3 of the same color bubbles to pop them, so the top row is often frustrating as bubble supply is often limited and colors that have no use are given.

Her boost ability is called "Power Pop", and it pops the surrounding bubbles in whichever area it hits. The color of the bubble does not matter, so the player can choose to fling the bubble wherever they choose. (however, shooting it on the very bottom row will not do much damage)

Angry Birds 2

Abilities Trapping objects in bubbles, then lifting them up and dropping them.
First Appearance Any level after unlocking her.
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Any level after unlocking her.
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   When Angry Birds 2 first launched, it was stated by Rovio that Stella chose to "sit out" of the game, along with Hal and Bubbles. She could be used as a player icon in the tournament in her Stella animation form, but other than that she made no other appearances in the game.

She was, however, added in the game on October 17, 2018, and became available to use on October 19.


Stella is an Extra Bird in Angry Birds 2; she is usually sleeping but can be woken up to be usable for four hours and occupy an extra eighth spot in Red's flock.  Once the four hours are up, Stella goes back to sleep, and the player must wait twelve hours before they can wake her up again. You can also do this with HalBubbles, and Leonard, but you can only use one at a time.

As with older games, Stella once again has the ability to wrap things in bubbles and lift them away.  This time around, though, the ability is actually pretty reliable, making her useful even though she's still physically the weakest bird in the flock.  When using the ability, Stella encases herself in a bubble; in this state, anything she touches also gets encased in a bubble and is carried off for a short while before the bubbles pop, after which the items inside take heavy damage from falling.  Since there's no limit as to how many items can be affected by the ability, Stella is particularly useful for clearing away structures with a lot of materials densely packed together.  With this ability, Stella can even be used to one-shot some bosses; if used at the right time, Stella's ability can send a boss pig falling straight into a bottomless pit or floating up and away, killing him instantly (provided there is a bottomless pit in the room or a gap in the ceiling where the boss can float out of).

Angry Birds Transformers




Chromia Bird


Shoots 3 bubbles in quick succession

Shoots 3 bubbles in a spread

Shoots 3 bubbles in quick succession strong

First Appearance

Accessable via Mission Portal (Easy) and unlockable during You've Got The Touch and The Ride of the Valkyries Tournament

Accessable via Mission Portal (Easy) and unlockable during You've Got The Touch andThe Ride of the Valkyries Tournament

Unlockable via Pigspending

Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Player choice after unlock




Size Medium

   Stella appears in the game as Arcee, Airachnid, and Chromia. When vehicle mode is turned on, she will form into a motorbike. Both characters belong to the Valkyries squad.

Stella appears as Arcee in the comic adaptions, which were released along with the game, and even appeared in the loading screen for the game but wasn't introduced until updates later on. 

As described in the game,

Don't let her pink color scheme distract you - Arcee is a fearsome warrior and an excellent shot. She leaves it to the clumsy Deceptihogs to blast away wildly - her skill is picking out the exact block that will bring a tower down.

Arcee has always been a fierce fighter, and teaming up with Stella has just added to her headstrong, driven nature.

Every TRANSFORMERS character has their reason for battling the EggBots, but Arcee is thinking about the bigger picture... she figures that if EggBots succeed in turning Piggy Island into metal they'll be free to turn their attention to other islands, and that's not happening on her watch!

Arcee's weapon is designed to bring down piggy towers with carefully placed precision shots. Blocks that she hits are shoved backward, meaning she can easily bring down towers that other characters struggle with.

The downside is that her shots do very little damage to armored enemies, so anything that can't be knocked down will give her trouble. Best to use her high speed to outrun danger!

Airachnid's description reads,

Remember how the EggBots created Nemesis Prime to battle the TRANSFORMERS character but he rebelled against them? Turns out EggBots don't learn too well because they tried it again!

Designed to be a sinister version of Arcee, the only flaw in the EggBot's plan is that they're idiots. Stella and Arcee are as heroic as Red and Optimus Prime, so of course, Airachnid immediately joined the battle to save Piggy Island!

Airachnid may have joined the Autobird/Deceptihog alliance, but she still has a little to the EggBot's mischievous personality.

Airachnid roams Piggy Island as a lone warrior, causing trouble for the EggBots by knocking down towers, poking pigs and searching for the Eggspark. But what will she do if she finds it?

Airachnid's weapon follows the same principles as Arcee's, just more extreme! Bring down towers by knocking away the right blocks, but don't expect to destroy tough enemies.

Instead, use Airachnid's speed to transform, not only out-running threats but also causing enemies to shoot too far ahead. Once they've fired at where they expect her to be, transform to slow down and watch the shots fly by!


Arcee and Airachnid aren't very strong characters, but Airachnid is much more powerful than Arcee. Both will not be able to destroy very strong structures or armored targets, so their abilities rely on strategy rather than strength. However, they are very fast in their vehicle form so it can be used to flee when the player is overwhelmed with enemies.

Angry Birds Fight!

Abilities Blow bubbles, covering opponent's board
First Appearance unknown
Gender Female
Species Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Locations Player choice after unlock
Strength Player determined
Size Medium

   Stella was featured in Angry Birds Fight! as one of the 6 playable and customizable characters. Unlike other games, which based the character's design off the Toons animation but didn't take it directly from the series, Angry Birds Fight! took Angry Birds Toons animations and put them directly into the game. Stella never appeared in Angry Birds Toons, but still had a design for it and the design was used in animations before, like the Back to School animation.

This does not apply to her icon, which is a different design like all the other characters.

The game was discontinued as of June 27th, 2017, and is no longer playable.


All the characters had unique abilities, and Stella's was, again, based on her bubble ability. She would blow bubbles and use them to cover up the opponent's board.

If you match 4 of Stella's panels, then instead of her audio like all the other birds, Bubbles' audio plays instead, even though he does not appear in the game.

Your level result is based on the number of points you make, which is based on your matching abilities, so matching quickly and often is very important to beat the battle. If you don't make enough points by matching the bird icons in groups of 3 or higher, the two birds will battle and Stella or any other birds that you use in the battle will be defeated by the opponent.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

Stella appears in tutorial boxes, visual audio effects, and mail inbox. She is not a playable character and only serves as a background character.

Angry Birds Holiday

Stella appeared in the game, but it is unknown what role she had as the game was scrapped from development and was never released outside of soft-launch. It can be assumed that perhaps she had her own building that the player could purchase, or was a roaming character on the map.

Angry Birds POP Blast

ABMovie Stella
Abilities Shooting a Bubble
First Appearance After unlocking her
Gender Female
Species Gallah
Locations Player Choice
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Stella appears in the game as a playable character that is unlocked after obtaining 100 points. She has a new power-up.

Stella, like all of the characters, uses her movie design and outlined sprites that were made to look like a cartoon. Her animations are similar to the ones from the first game. Unlike other games, her pupils aren't blue in-game, and instead, black.

She is also introduced as an artwork character, which she often appears. 


Stella is unlocked after obtaining 100 points in the piñata. Stella can appear at any level where the player uses her. Which the player has to assist her in popping bubbles once again, but this time, it's in any objective.

When her bar is full, she will active her ability, which a a bubble appears on the launcher and if it's launched, it will bounce and encases bubbles with bubblegum, then any affected bubble can be popped with any color bubble.

She can be chosen along with any pig.

Angry Birds Casual

ABMovie Stella
Abilities Blowing Bubbles.
First Appearance Level 7
Gender Female
Species Gallah
Locations Various
Strength Medium
Size Medium

   Stella appears in Angry Birds Casual as once again a main character. Like all of the characters in-game, she uses a classic toons and movie appearance and cartoonish sprites. She has her classic ability and a stronger ability.


The game is like the classic slingshot games but way easier. Stella is unlocked in level 7. Unlike the other games, sge uses her ability on impact, which she creates a bubble around her that traps blocks in them and makes them fall. After some turns, she activates a stronger ability, which the bubble is bigger.

Stella Toons

Stella leads her own animation series in Stella Toons, which is based on the Angry Birds Stella game. The story revolves around her and her companions, Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahlia and their former friend, Gale. (along with
the pigs) The series explores her hidden story outside of the regular series and games, and her talents and interests.

To see Stella's involvement in the Stella Toons series, see the episode listings below:

The Angry Birds Movie

ABMovie StellaArmcrossed
Stella appears in the Angry Birds Movie as a supporting character and is voiced by Kate McKinnon. She oftenly appears in scenes and serves as the main tour guide in general, but also tours the pigs. She is involved in the battle with the pigs and is slung on the slingshot. (though she was not successful in reaching the castle)

To see Stella's involvement in the movie, see here.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

ABMovie StellaArmcrossed
Stella reappears in Angry Birds Movie 2, but this time only as a cameo character, who can be seen in the film from time to time, but unfortunately, unlike the first movie, this time she is not intigrated to the story What Very Many Stella fans Exaggeratedly Disenchanted. Apparently she is friends with Samantha, as she was seen with her at the end of the movie at Mighty Eagle 's marriage.


  • In the trailer, Stella is shown to use a bubble stick to produce bubbles, however, this stick is nowhere in the game itself.
  • In the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book, it is revealed Stella went through many changes in development, she was once considered having a blue color. She also resembled many anime characters and the Powerpuff Girls, as said in the book.
  • Stella's plush also reveals she once was a much more temperate shade of pink, while currently, she is a light shade of pink.
  • Stella is the second bird to be confirmed female at her release. The first is Matilda due to laying eggs with her ability.
  • Stella is the first Angry Bird to sport an actual eye color other than black (blue).
  • Stella, along with MatildaHal, Tony, Silver, and the Ice Bird, and her flock are the only four main birds that don't have a Space counterpart.
  • Stella appears at the start of the Angry Birds Toons Trailer but does not appear in the actual TV Series.
  • The name "Stella" means "star" in Latin. The "star" translation was also stated in the Angry Birds Stella Interactive Annual 2015.
  • She is the only bird to have a consistent soundtrack. It can be heard through the beginning of the episode The Storm, A Fork In A Friendship and Pop The Top in Angry Birds POP!. Another version of her soundtrack can be heard here.
  • For the Angry Birds Movie, early concept art for Stella from The Art of The Angry Birds Movie suggested that she would have a large tail. In the film's final cut, she was given a much smaller one.
  • In the canceled Agri Birds, she was in a bigger relationship with Gale, probably as best friends.
  • When she was first added in Angry Birds 2, there was a glitch where after beating a boss level, Stella would look in the wrong direction during the cutscene where the next boss pig makes his escape with the Eggs. This glitch has been fixed.

    A Galah which she was based on.

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