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This article is about the character from the Angry Birds franchise. You may be looking for Stella (disambugation).
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"This particular princess has no prince, nor any need of one. And it's too soon to dance, but thank you."
Stella, Angry Birds: Big Movie Eggstravaganza (The Princess and the Clown story)

Stella (also known as the Pink Bird) is a character in the Angry Birds franchise. She is a teenage galah[1] who enjoys independence and freedom, and prefers to be left alone, specifically by Red. She has a great passion for bubble-blowing, but also has an interest in parkour.

She lives in the Big Tree on Golden Island, and with the Flock on Piggy Island. She first encountered the Flock when the pigs were sent to school in Back to School, and while she usually goes off on her own, she almost always comes back to the Flock to help them when in the Eggs are in trouble, and even went on a vacation to the Amazon rainforest with them during the events of Angry Birds Rio. Stella is also the leader of a separate flock back on Golden Island where she joined the Flock. There, Stella has a major incident where her best friend, Gale, became evil, leading an army of pigs and trying stealing the mythical Golden Egg and other precious objects.

Biological information[]


Main article: Stella/Angryverse

Stella is a round, pink bird with three pink plume feathers that have darker pink tips on the top of her head. She has blue eyes with eyelashes and a short yellow beak. Her breast is light pink, and she has three black tail feathers. Stella's pupils were originally more purplish-blue in the classic games, but from 2013 onwards, they appear more aqua in color. In Angry Birds Go!, she has black pupils on her blue irises.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Stella appears as a pink galah and closely resembles her game counterpart, with some minor changes. She now has five pink feathers on top of her head instead of three. Stella also has long, orange legs and pink wings, similar to Red's.

Her appearance in Angry Birds Journey and Angry Birds Dream Blast depicts her as a younger bird with a smaller body and bigger eyes.

In Angry Birds Summer Madness, she is a teenager with a rounder head, and her pupils are black instead of blue.


Annual Book Stella 2

Stella's profile in Angry Birds Stella Super Interactive Annual 2015

Stella was first introduced in the Back to School animation of Angry Birds Seasons and was shown to be a very young, playful personality. She started out as a very childish, though cunning, character, consistently fooling the pigs in the midst of their plot to steal the birds' eggs. This personality was used in various licensed books and in Angry Birds Comics.

In the Angry Birds Stella game, she was shown to be significantly more mature, with a far deeper-toned voice. She is shown to be a very versatile being, enjoying a wide variety of hobbies, including singing, parkour, skateboarding, rock climbing, and hang gliding, among others. The "bubble" aspect of her character is completely removed in the games.

Stella is shown to be a very energetic and brave character in The Angry Birds Movie, offering to be slung on the slingshot. Due to her aforementioned acrobatic parkour abilities, she is also depicted to be tall, with a wide wingspan and long, slender, scaly legs.



Stella appears to be a mother figure to Luca. She forces him to take baths and keeps him away from Gale, as Stella thinks she is dangerous. Luca also cares about Stella, as when she gains a phobia of flying, Luca tricks her into using her hangglider to save him. Stella forgets her phobia and jumps off the tree with her hangglider to save Luca, showing that she would do anything for his safety.


Poppy is one of Stella's best friends. While they fight often they clearly care for each other. Stella loves to jam with Poppy and her other friends, but she gets annoyed when Poppy gets a little too carried away while playing the drums. Poppy and Stella are seen laughing with each other in promo pictures for the game, showing their enjoyment of each other's company.


Stella and Willow are good friends and when Stella is scared of flying Willow is the first to come up with a plan to help her feel better. Willow enjoys Stella's company and lets her paint alongside her in "Own The Sky."


Stella and Dahlia are good friends, but Dahlia often scolds Stella for her actions. Dahlia expects no nonsense out of Stella and is annoyed when she interrupts her during Dahlia's experiments. Nonetheless, Dahlia looks to Stella as a daughter figure and partakes in helping her overcome her fear of flight.


Stella used to be best friends with Gale. In the Angry Birds Stella gameplay trailer, a photograph is seen with both Stella and Gale. Unfortunately, the two went separate ways when Gale discovered a crown that put her in command of the pigs. She jumps into an active volcano in order to save Gale from death; and is heartbroken with the loss of her.

When Gale is found alive Stella immediately welcomes her back, forgiving her for leaving the group for the fame from the pigs. She looks after and cares for Gale until she gets better. They then play the song from Rock On! and Gale sings along, showing that they have history of jamming together. Stella is disappointed when Gale instantly goes back to her old ways. In You Asked for It, Stella and Gale reconciled their friendship when she turned her into gold with the golden egg.

Minion Pigs[]

Stella, at first, dislikes the minion pigs due to them destroying the vegetation in Golden Island for Gale, and later in Piggy Island for King Pig. She beats many of them in defense.

Although Stella has had rocky history with the pigs, because of her caring nature she lets some pigs sleep in her house. The pigs take advantage and she gets annoyed, but still stands up for them even when the rest of her friends protest. In The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, she does not seem to know why The Flock is worried about the pigs, calling the latter as "stupid" and "not a threat at all".


Due to Stella being a teenager she doesn't like being told what to do, and since Red is the leader, since it's his job to act as a leader. Although, they can get along sometimes in Angry Birds POP!, they seem to be having fun with each other. In Angry Birds Comics, Stella has shown romantic feelings for Red. In Angry Birds: Summer Madness, Stella was a childhood friend of Red's and looks up to Stella.

The Blues[]

According to the cancelled book Stella's Friend Book, Stella likes The Blues' jokes, but sometimes she think they can go too far with their pranks.


Chuck and Stella are the main characters of the book Angry Birds: Captain Badburger. In the story, the two try to survive after being kidnapped by the titular zombie pirate Captain Badburger.


Similar to her relationship with Luca, Stella loves spending time with Bubbles. In the book Stella and the Hunt for the Jade Egg, Stella invites Bubbles to join her as a "traveling companion" on the quest to find Matilda's jade egg. In The World of Angry Birds Official Guide Stella, under Red's command, takes on the task of interpreting Bubbles' chirps to make them understandable to the audience.


In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, Silver and Stella are best friends.





Names in other languages[]

Language Name English translation
Japanese ステラ (Sutera) Stella (transliteration)
Korean 스텔라 (seutella)
Russian Стелла (Stella)
Spanish Estela (Angry Birds Go! and early promotional books)
Ukrainian Стелла (Stella) Stella (transliteration)



A Galah which she was based on.[1]

  • In the trailer, Stella is shown to use a bubble stick to produce bubbles, however, this stick is nowhere in the games themselves.
  • Stella, along with Bubbles are the two birds introduced in Seasons to be designed by Kombo, rather than previous lead artist Tuomas Erikoinen. This can be forgiven for Stella however, as Tuomas had left the company long before she was introduced.
  • Stella and Bubbles were the first two mainstays that broke the tradition of conveying their abilities through their designs, unlike every other bird before hand (with the exception of Red, and The Blues, although they were made into three separate characters instead of one).
  • In the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book, it is revealed Stella went through many changes in development, she was once considered having either blue, orange, or green colors. Her design was also modeled on many anime characters and The Powerpuff Girls, as said in the book.
    • The Blues' prototype designs resemble blue, male versions of Stella.
  • Stella's plush also reveals she once was a much more temperate shade of pink, while currently, she is a light shade of pink.
  • Stella is the second bird to be confirmed female at their release. The first is Matilda due to laying eggs with her ability, and her design in the Angry Birds Coca-Cola trailer.
  • Stella is the first character to sport an actual eye color other than black.
  • Stella, alongside Matilda, Hal, Tony, Silver, her flock, Melody, and Jo are the only main birds that don't have an Space counterpart.
Space Stella

Stella's Space design in Angry Birds Reloaded

  • Stella appears at the beginning of the Angry Birds Toons Trailer buKombo Animation iterations resemble Stella, despiste being created much earlier.
  • The name "Stella" means "star" in Latin. This translation was stated in the Angry Birds Stella Interactive Annual 2015 as the Italian for "star".
  • She is the only bird to have a consistent soundtrack. It can be heard through the beginning of the episodes The Storm, A Fork in the Friendship, and Pop The Top in Angry Birds POP!.
  • When she was first added in Angry Birds 2, there was a glitch where after beating a boss level, Stella would look in the wrong direction during the cutscene where the next boss pig makes his escape with the Eggs. This glitch has been fixed.
  • Since the newer updates of Angry Birds Friends, when Stella was launched from a slingshot, she sometimes uses Hal's launch voice (primarily used in Angry Birds Seasons, newer updates of the original Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Rio) for some reason.
  • Stella appeared in most of the episodes in the Angry Birds Stella animated series except for "Camp Scary" and "Piggy Love".
  • Stella is the first bird to have more than one launch sound effect.
  • Stella has been consistent shown to make a purring sound in many of her classic appearances. This includes Angry Birds Seasons, the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars as Princess Leia, Angry Birds Go!, and Angry Birds Stella and its animated adaptation.
  • Stella likes to blow bubble gum.

The Angry Birds Movie[]

  • For The Angry Birds Movie, early concept art for Stella from The Art of The Angry Birds Movie suggested that she would have a large tail. In the film's final cut, she was given a much smaller one.
  • In the movies, she has the tendency to swing her wing before talking, which was an inside joke within the animators detailed in The Art of The Angry Birds Movie.[7]
  • Stella was initially planed to be a major character within The Angry Birds Movie 2, but she was dropped from the film in early development.

Agri Birds[]

  • In the cancelled game Agri Birds, Stella was in a relationship with Gale (with Stella being Gale's girlfriend), making that incarnation of Stella the first LGBT character within the Angry Birds franchise.

Angry Birds Transformers[]

  • Despite being heavily featured in early advertisements and artwork for the game, Stella-as-Arcee was not actually in the game for a very long time. By the time she was added to the playable roster, the original heavily-Generation-1-Arcee design was changed to be more of a merger of Generation 1 and Prime Arcee, complete with a motorcycle alternate mode.
  • Airachnid Bird's Insecticon accessory does not appear to be based on any specific Insecticon, which is actually a real oddity for this game.
  • Arcee Bird's Daniel Accessory is a reference to Generation 1 Daniel Witwicky, who eventually became Generation 1 Arcee's Headmaster partner.
  • In celebration of the launch of the Angry Birds Transformers game, a costumed actress portrayed Arcee Bird and interacted with fans young and old at New York Comic Con 2014 (despite not being in the game at the time).


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