Stella's Flock is the name of the flock that Stella leads. They are a group of birds that live on Golden Island. They band together to fight the evil bird Gale and her army of pigs.

Current Members

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Stella Poppy Luca Willow Dahlia

Former Members

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Stella and her friends in fully limbed form for the film adaptations

The Flock consists of these birds:

  • Stella is the leader. She may seem cute and bubbly, but if you push her too far, she can reveal her blazing-hot temper.
  • Poppy is the prankster, she enjoys a laugh and loves to play instruments.
  • Luca is playful and inquisitive. He is the youngest of the flock and occasionally wanders off without telling anyone.
  • Willow is artistic and loves to daydream. She loves painting and is a free spirit.
  • Dahlia is a scientific bird, she is very smart and resourceful.
  • Gale is a former member of the flock, she has extremely high standards. She extremely arrogant and is spoiled. She is extremely disloyal, betraying her friends for the pigs who call her a queen.

The Birds, Names, and Abilities

Names Abilities Description Image
Stella Bounces off of one object and crashes into the next. Stella's the star of the show and the bird all the others look up to. She may look cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled - if you push her too far, she'll soon reveal her blazing-hot temper! that's just how she rolls, sweet on the outside and fierce on the inside. Stella ABS.png
Poppy Drills" through blocks and objects placed directly below her. "Poppy's wild, mischievous and crazy as a coconut! She lives life in the fast lane and is the group's comedian - she loves playing pranks to make the other birds laugh. She's an attention seeker and the group sometimes loses their patience with her if she takes her practical jokes too far (like the time she dressed Dahlia up as a pig when she was sleeping). Poppy doesn't really like being alone and always wants someone around to talk to because she likes the sound of her voice! As the musician of the flock, she's a highly skilled percussionist and her trademark is banging away on any object with her drumsticks to create bangin' beats. POPPY FRONT copy.png
Luca Sends out a sonic boom that will shatter glass, pass through wood with minimal damage, and can be stopped by stone. Although it won't damage pigs, it can create a lot of destruction. Luca is the youngest of the flock, and also the only boy - just don't call him a baby! He's as playful and inquisitive as you'd expect a young bird to be and loves exploring. However, this does cause problems when he wanders off and doesn't tell anyone. Luca thinks he's bigger than he is - a fact that has got him into trouble a few times already! While he doesn't talk much, he certainly does like imitating everyone (and everything!) around him. He can sound like any of birds, pigs, or even any of the island's critters - and he enjoys doing it! LUCA FRONT copy.png
Willow Spins clockwise, when released, will go to the direction she is facing, drilling through objects. Willow's a lover, not a hater and also the artist of the flock. She lives in her own 'Willow World' - as a daydreamer she often has grand ideas, but can't always follow through! It ruffles her feathers to see those pigs behaving badly and destroying their habitat. Although Willow is a free spirit she's also the shyest of the group and feels safest when wearing a large, over-sized hat. While her shyness is an endearing quality, it sometimes holds her back from expressing her true feelings. However, when those piggies are around, she certainly comes out of her shell! WILLOW FRONT copy.png
Dahlia Phases through solid objects until she becomes solid again, then she uses a force called "Science-Fu" to launch objects around her away. Dahlia is a science guru and Golden Island’s one and only gadget geek! She loves experimenting with different materials and inventing useful structures, often with explosive results (don’t mention the solar-powered treehouse warmer). She’s a gardener too and enjoys creating new species of exotic plants. Dahlia is pretty impatient and gets pretty angry if anyone disturbs her experiments or if the results don’t work out as planned. But hey, who cares if things go wrong. Dahlia simply keeps trying until she gets it right. #commitment DahliaABStella (Transparent).png
Gale (formerly) Colors blocks gold then destroys all the block that are colored gold. Gale isn't a real princess - she just thinks she is! She's beautiful, clever and charismatic. She used to be best friends with Stella, but Gale became blinded by pride, vanity, and power. Now she's obsessed with finding the mysterious and mythical Golden Egg, even though it means she's not friends with Stella anymore. Whether she'll ever find the Golden Egg, no one knows... The Bad Princess loves being the center of attention - after all, she pretends to be a princess so she loves all the fuss and care she gets from her Minion Pigs, However, she secretly misses her old friends - especially Stella - and hopes they'll get back together one day. GALE FRONT copy.png
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