Step 1 is the fifth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Step 1
Episode number 5
Air Date May 15, 2015
Written by Fabien Weibel
Directed by Fabien Weibel
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
Pile Up Jackhammered

Toons.TV Description

How to build a simple thing with an IKEA manual.

YouTube Description

Unclear instructions unclear, not instructional.


The episode starts with two pigs. One of them is trying to put a nail in a piece of wood while waiting for the other which is finding the building instructions in a box. After putting away some of the other things in the box, the second Minion Pig found the instructions. So they follow the instructions and the first pig whacks the piece of wood with the hammer and the other one saws another piece of wood. It results in a staircase, similar to the one in "Up The Tempo". But when the second pig looks at the instructions, he realized that they have followed the wrong direction. So they hammer and saw faster and it results in a taller wooden staircase, similar to the one in "Roughnecks". But then the pigs realized that they've still followed the wrong directions. So they hammer (this time, the pig hammers with the saw) and saw (this time, the second pig saws with the hammer) and then it turns out to be a basketball hoop, like the one from "Hog Hoops". But they have followed the wrong direction again. So they hammer (with a piece of ham this time) and saw (with a rabbit-shaped red balloon) and it results in a rocket. Then, the second pig realized that he was reading the instructions upside-down. So they hammer with two hammers and saw with the saw for the last time fastly. After building, they check the instructions and it results in a small wooden box. The first pig looks at the box and then check the instructions again. Finally, the pigs are feeling happy that they have followed the correct instructions.


  • The Toons.TV description mentions the company IKEA.
  • Multiple references from past episodes are shown.


Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Step 1"

Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Step 1"

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