Step it Up is the fourth episode of season 2 of Angry Birds Stella and the seventeenth overall. It premiered on the Toons.TV app on November 6, 2015.

Toons.TV Description

Sometimes, the things we want seem to be just out of reach. Luckily for those times we can turn to our parkour skills – or at least that's what Stella does! However, often the most elegant solution is the most simple one. One that say a certain young blue bird could even grasp.


The episode begins with a rock in the middle of a forest, showing a depiction of fruit amongst the clouds. and the camera pans towards a series of tall, stone pillars, and the last stone pillar has a tree that bears red fruit. Stella takes interest in this.

Stella licks her beak with longing for this fruit, and looks up to see a stone pillar near here with a statue that dons on a headband. Stella takes the headband and ties this around her head, taking a deep breath as she formulates a plan to reach the fruit bearing tree. In the background, Luca appears behind a boulder, curious to see what Stella is doing. Upon looking upwards, Luca sees the same fruit bearing tree, and also takes interest. Luca calls out to Stella and points her out to the obvious fruit bearing tree. Stella tells Luca to be quiet, and with her plan of action figured out, Stella climbs up a stone pillar and jumps from pillar to pillar, and reaches a rope to use as a ramp.

The whole time, Luca cheers on Stella as she makes her way up the pillars. Stella finally reaches a pillar near the fruit bearing tree, determined to have a taste of the aforementioned fruit. Although it seems like Stella is close, it is revealed that she still has a long way to go. Analyzing her surroundings, she sees a hanging vine that's hanging onto another pillar that is balancing a heavy rock that looks like it can fall at any given moment, two other pillars with a boulder tied with vines between them (it looks like a makeshift slingshot, only the rock got stuck in the middle), and another pillow balancing a rock.. this time it is a massive slab that is unstable, and then finally notices the pillar with the tree.

Stella is initially panicked by this, and gazes at this sight with fear, but then Luca calls out to the pink bird from the ground. It turns out that Luca isn't giving up on his best friend, even when Stella feels like giving up on herself. Encouraged by the blue bird, Stella is once again fueled by motivation.

Stella jumps from her stone pillar and grabs onto the aforementioned hanging vine, swinging herself upon the first unstable rock and quickly jumps off without making the rock budge. Stella then lands on the rock tied between two pillars, and uses it as a boost to jump towards the next pillar, and she lands on the massive, unstable slab and it turns Stella towards the fruit bearing tree. Stella jumps from the slab to the final pillar, filled with determination. Unfortunately for Stella, she realizes that she undershot her jump, sending her falling straight towards the ground.

Luca, seeing Stella's harsh landing, rushes towards her. Stella turns out to be ok, but ends up giving up on herself and Luca seems disappointed in his friend. The scene cuts to the rest of Stella's friends. Poppy using makeshift drums, Dahlia cooking marshmallows, and Willow painting. As Stella trudges past them, her friends express worry.

Stella briefly laments in her tent and is approached by her friends, and Dahlia offers Stella a marshmallow. At first, Stella accepts this offer; however, Luca calls out to his friends to see that he has acquired the fruit that Stella had sought out for. Poppy, Willow, and Dahlia take great interest in Luca's find; however, Stella remains dumbfounded and fueled with anger and motivation once again, she attempts for a second time to reach the fruit bearing tree.

Stella looks down on the ground to see her friends interested in Luca's fruit, and the blue bird inserting a straw into the fruit, drinking the internal liquid. Stella is disgusted by Luca's easy acquisition and jumps pillar to pillar to get to the tree. Stella's friends look up to see her and cheer her on; however, Stella once again undershoots her jump and this time.. faceplants into the side of the pillar, falling towards the ground.

Luca, expressing concern, offers to share his fruit with Stella; however, Stella is not about to give up. Poppy and Willow, seeing Stella's injuries, attempt to stop her from trying for a third time. Dahlia steps in with a scrolled up blue print, showing where Stella went wrong. The pillar she jumped from was too far away to successfully land on the pillar with the tree. Stella, unable to make sense of the blueprint, crumples it up and throws it near her friends, expressing her deprecation towards those blueprints.

Stella mocks her friends as she jumps from pillar to pillar for a third time and undershoots her jump for the third time. This cycle continues throughout the evening, as her friends begin to pack up their belongings and head home. Stella lands towards the campsite with injuries. Stella looks up at the tree for the last time and finally gives up.

Poppy is carrying her drums on the way home and coconuts fall from a nearby tree, bouncing off a drum. A coconut gets tangled up in a nearby vine, revolves around the trunk of a tree, bounces off the frame of the tent, then bounces off of Willow, and rolls towards Stella. Poppy, Luca, and Dahlia rush towards Willow to check on her. Willow expresses hurt as her friends surround her, though no bruising is evident. Stella looks at the coconut and gets an idea.

Stella calls out to the flock to notify them that she's about to try one last time, with Dahlia and Willow staring at each other with worry. Stella takes a deep breath and finally goes to jump pillar to pillar, and grabs onto the hanging vine, this time spinning around the pillar and jumping off the side, knocking down the pillar. Stella then lands on the rock tied between two pillars and pulls down further than she did, and flies off with a rock hovering above her head, flying the same direction. Stella then lands on the massive, unstable slab on the final pillar and uses it as a boost when the flying rock lands on the other side, sending Stella flying towards the fruit bearing tree.

Stella reaches the pillar, but grabs onto the edge, but then gets ahold of the edge and is on stable ground. Stella cheers alongside her friends for her accomplishment. Luca shows up behind the trunk of the tree with more fruit onhand, Stella being confused. Stella follows Luca to the other side of the pillar, and looks down to find that all of her effort meant nothing: it turns out that the pillar had stairs the whole time.

Stella becomes frustrated with this realization and receives a fruit from Luca, in return, Stella gives Luca her headband, conveying that he is the one that taught her an important lesson about being more observant of her surroundings. Happy with this sentiment, the two birds decide to descend the stairs, but not before Stella catches a glimpse of more fruit on another pillar. Stella takes interest in this sight, forgetting her lesson, and Luca becomes annoyed.

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  • In this episode, Stella says "Nöf-Nöf", even that's something the Pigs say, marking the second time she said it. First time was in Night of the Bling.
  • It is also the second appearance of the red headband which was seen in Night of the Bling.
  • This is the fourth time to not have the appearance of Gale and the pigs. First was Rock On!, second was Own The Sky and third was The Prankster. However, this is the first time this has happened in Season 2


  • When they Saw Stella Willow's Palette Was Transparent


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