General Info
Powers Unknown
First Level Appearance: The Angry Birds Movie 2
Gender: Male
Species: Eagle
Locations: Eagle Island
Strength: Unknown
Size: Large

Steve is a secondary character in The Angry Birds Movie 2. Steve is Eagle Island's scientist who had once worked for Zeta, but was instructed to be chained to ice blocks.


He is a blue eagle with a long body, yellow long curved beak and feet, he has head brown feathers, which imitates hair. He wears a white laboratory coat with a chest pocket in which his telephone is stored; his name is written on the coat itself.


Zeta was unhappy with the long lead times in resolving the mistakes that Glenn had made, and so she decided to call Steve. Steve himself was very frozen, and therefore he could not answer the ringing phone. Later, Steve was at a wedding between the Mighty Eagle and Zeta, where he began to thaw and shared his impressions with Chuck.

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