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Sticky Situation is the twenty-first episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work. It was aired on September 4, 2015.

Toons.TV Description[]

"Stuck up" takes on a new meaning.


A minion pig is sleeping. He slowly wakes up, realizing that his head is super-glued to a box. He then screams and then struggles to get off the box. Then he screams loudly for help, but no one is around. He struggles some more, and then he is lowered a tiny bit, he laughs in joy. Then the pig sees an anvil also stuck on another box. He swings on the glue multiple times until he bites the anvil. Then, the anvil falls, making the anvil on the pigs mouth, while the pig is still stuck. The anvil then falls, making the pig bang his head rapidly on the box. When he is rapidly hitting the box on his head, cheese comes out. Then another box to the pig's right starts to swing, and hits the pig and then he goes into the box, making the glue hold the box and the pig inside it. Then the pig falls off, relieved hes off the glue. Then the pig falls in cement, making him stuck again. The pig struggles to get off the cement, but fails. The pig sighs. At the end of the credits, the pig can be heard screaming for help once more.


  • It is unknown how the pig got stuck on glue.
  • A supporting fact is the tube of glue was also glued.
  • It is also unknown why there is an anvil glued to the ceiling as it seems merely impossible for glue to hold it against the ceiling as it is too heavy.
  • A scene that the pig rapidly hitting the box with his head is a reference to Super Mario Bros. but it's slices of cheese instead of coins.
    • In fact, the coin sound effect from the same game can be heard too.
  • In the intro, a couple of sentences can be seen such as: "Caution Balloons", "Under Pigstruction", "Watch Your Snout", "Do Not Eat This" and finally "Pigs At Work".



Piggy Tales - Pigs at Work - Sticky Situation - S2 Ep21

Where am I?! Get me out of this glue!

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