Stone is the hardest breakable material in Angry Birds that the Pigs use for their structures. It is extremely difficult to break for most birds, except for BombMatilda and her eggs, Terence, the Mighty Eagle, and Silver. However, they are useful when fighting pigs, as the stones, if pushed on top of a pig, will usually defeat the pig.


A pig structure made of stone


  • Bomb can go through up to four of these before blowing up, and does great damage. Sometimes even hurling them over the screen with the explosion.
  • Never use The Blues or Stella. They are almost useless. However, Stella can destroy stone by using her bubbles.
  • Only use weak birds on stone if they can push over the structure rather than destroying it.

    Stone Block Sheet

     If there is stone on top of a wood or glass structure, destroy the wood or glass directly underneath the piece of stone to cause major damage to the structure because the stone can destroy a large portion of the structure by falling.
  • Try not to use Terence on huge amounts of stone, unless he is supersized or is on a King Sling. Terence can shatter one block of stone, but will be stopped if not supersized or on a King Sling.


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