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Strange Site - 10 is a level in Angry Birds Epic. If the player wins, they may spin for a treasure chest. Pork da Silva is fought here.


Pork Da Silva is defeated and the cave to Pig Lair is unlocked. At the end of the Pig Lair, the Duke of the Pig Lair appears.

Cave Effects[]

Immunity Immunity - Pigs' helpful effects are not removable.



Pork Da Silva

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 22459


Grappling Volley

Deals 2x 759 damage.


Critical Shot!

If attacked, this pig counters with its own attack dealing 200% damage. Lasts 2 turns.


Dirty Tricks

Passive: Immune to negative effects.

The boss of Strange Site.
Note: Not to be confused with Pirate Captains summoned by Alphapig, as they also appear to be called Pork Da Silva.


This is a pretty hard boss, as Pork Da Silva can inflict huge damage to your birds every single turn. He can also perform counterattacks and this effect cannot be removed. However, he cannot counter a counter attack from your own birds, therefore using Bomb's Cannoneer or Pigiana Jones can be good choices. Protection is highly recommended against Pork Da Silva's devastating attacks, so Red's Guardian or Samurai can be quite good here. Matilda's Princess can be an effective easy-to-use healer in this fight. Pork Da Silva's counter effect only lasts 2 turns, try to attack whenever it wears out.