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All Birds have their own strengths and weaknesses with their ability to cut through materials. Here is a list of all the birds with their strength and weakness materials.


Strength: Red has average strength on all materials. He is useful for knocking down loose objects, toppling weak structures, or popping remaining pigs.

Weakness: Due to Red not having any special ability, he becomes weaker as the player progresses through the game, with each structure becoming more complex. He is weak against stone. Hitting blocks side-on is also useless at certain times; they will not fully break unless some other material falls on it.

The Blues[]

Strength: The Blues have a great strength against glass, capable of demolishing any glass structure. In Angry Birds 2, they can destroy glass without slowing down or stopping. The fact they split allows them to cover more damage area to ensure popping more unprotected pigs, popping more balloons and reaching hard-to-reach places.

Weakness: They are horrible against wood, and are utterly useless against stone. They're also weaker against the pigs themselves compared to the other birds.


Strength: Chuck does good against wood, and even better against wood if sped up. His ability to speed up allows him to reach hard-to-reach places, especially being used to destroy structures being supported by balloons and finding golden eggs. In Angry Birds 2, he can also destroy wood without slowing down or stopping if sped up.

Weakness: Chuck is not as effective against sphere or square blocks. He is weak against stone, and destroying glass blocks slows him down severely.


Strength: Bomb does great against stone. When he blows up, the explosion can destroy almost every material in a small blast radius. Any material hit by the larger forcing radius surrounding the blast radius will be pushed and damaged.

Weakness:. Bomb's ability is timed, making it harder for the player to get it in the right place for maximum destruction. He's also weak against snow, clouds, and sand, as they slowly stop Bomb's movement. It's possible for a single block of glass or wood to completely stop him.


Strength: The eggs Matilda deploys deal great damage to glass and wood and good damage against stone. After launching the egg, Matilda gets launched at an angle, allowing her to get to hard-to-reach places and cause additional damage.

Weakness: The eggs only deal good damage if it hits the base of a building, and will do little damage to the top of the building. Also, if the egg isn't launched, then Matilda deals low damage.


Strength: He is excellent against wood and glass. He also flies farther than the rest of the birds.

Weakness: He deals minimal damage to stone. Also, making Hal's arc is a little hard, because lasting too much can make him crash into the ground, thus losing momentum. His ability doesn't work right when used underwater.


Strength: Terence is strong against any material. He will almost always destroy large portions of structures, sometimes completely demolishing them. He can also destroy glass without slowing down or stopping.

Weakness: Hitting blocks that are not thin can possibly slow down his momentum, especially if hit by their side. His large size makes it harder for him to go into small spaces or avoid obstacles.


Strength: Bubbles has great strength against wood and glass blocks. When inflated, granted he's in a cramped area, he can deal great damage.

In Angry Birds 2, if he is crushed or vanishes while inflated, he will pop violently, which pushes nearby objects a little.

Weakness: He deals low damage to stone blocks. He sometimes merely pushes material rather than damaging them, and he cannot destroy snow when blown up. In Angry Birds 2, his inflation relies on soft body physics, so he won't clip through objects but could pop violently if he faces too much force from other objects.


Angry Birds[]

Strength: Stella can do a huge amount of damage with her ability by lifting a building and dropping it on other buildings.

Weakness: Stella is weak in physical strength against all materials. Using her ability requires timing and precision, as forming bubbles at the base of the structure may do little to nothing, unless it's a simple, weak structure. The bubbles can also fly in the opposite direction than desired, and the materials being lifted can fly at speeds too slow or fast to actually damage other structures.

Angry Birds 2[]

Strength: Stella can deal catastrophic damage by inducing objects to impact structures. Attaining a Strike is not uncommon with Stella when her bubbles have a consistent horizontal velocity to push structures.

Weakness: The bubbles don't have strong lifting power with stone, and it can be difficult to calculate where the bubbles will land. Also, it is difficult to drop TNT, as Stella often hits it and detonates it with her corpse.

Angry Birds Stella[]

Strength: Stella is extremely useful at hitting multiple targets, especially when the targets are more spaced, which is something that the other characters in the game aren't able to do. The second impact will be more explosive than the first, and more destructive, while the first surface that Stella bounces off of will most likely be forcefully shoved, so you should use it to knock perhaps a tower into an additional structure.

Weakness: Stella likely won't be useful in a very bulky, heavy solid structure and in levels where there are fewer structures and areas to use her ability.


Strength: Silver can demolish some blocks of stone, while not doing well under glass or wood.

Weakness: Silver is said directly in the game to be good against stone, but for most situations that isn't true. Silver can only do minimal damage without aiming and breaking a structure through the side, and while her ability causes her to increase in speed, it doesn't help greatly in doing more damage. It is also hard to use her ability and will require more strategic thinking. She can also destroy glass or wood, but her speed and strength will horribly decrease.

Jewel (connected to Blu)[]

Strength: Does great damage to wood, her strength is same as Chuck as she does great damage to wood. She and Blu also can damage glass.

Weakness: She is maybe powerful against wood and glass, but she and Blu are not great against stone and can only break one block of stone. Also, if you fling them high and you want to damage a lower structure, she will fly straight when you tap the screen and misses the lower structure.


Strength: He does great damage to wood and glass, and he can even destroy it when he was shaking himself.

Weakness: The only structure he can't face is stone. He only deals with minimal damage with it, and sometimes he merely pushes stones rather than damaging it.

Ice Bird[]

Strength: Ice Bird turns all blocks to ice. He can also detonate TNT and pop bubbles by freezing. He's very useful if the Blues are the next birds after him (because Ice Bird is more of a support-oriented bird rather than damage oriented, and because the blocks are turned to ice and the Blues are strong against this material). He turns into an ice asteroid when his ability is used underwater.

Weakness: He does minimal damage to blocks on his own. It is impossible for Ice Bird to clear levels on his own.

Mighty Eagle[]

Strength: Mighty Eagle basically destroys any material in his path. When he hits the ground, all object joints will disconnect.

WeaknessHe crashes down and then flies up (making some sort of V), depending on where the sardine can is, sometimes missing small parts of the level, making it challenging to get 100% destruction.


Strength: They summon Mighty Eagle. They break sand and snow well.

Weakness: They do minimal damage to blocks on their own.

Mighty Dragon[]

Strength: Like Mighty Eagle, it destroys all Pigs on the stage.

Weakness: He flies in a loop and mostly misses the bulk of the material, making it harder to achieve 100% total destruction.

Red Koi Fish[]

The results are exactly the same as the Sardines.

Space Eagle[]

Strength: Space Eagle is similar to Mighty Eagle, but he emerges from a wormhole in lieu of a swooping motion.

Weakness He does not necessarily clear all pigs.