Super Bomb! is sixth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the 58th overall.

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Bomb to the rescue! Bomb's love for classic superheroes inspires a new wardrobe choice, and a need to save everything on Piggy Island! But every superhero has a weakness...


The episode starts of with Bomb reading a superhero magazine until he walks up to a red blanket and uses it to dress up as a superhero. As he walks away the Blues were behind him all the time and look confused at each other.

At the cliff, Bomb witnesses Chuck chopping some logs. Bomb gets shocked, goes over to Chuck's area and takes the log that Chuck was going to chop, causing him to land face first on the ground.

Next, Bomb goes to Matilda's area, where she is water her flowers until she spots a butterfly and is unaware about the watering can not pouring water on the flowers, Bomb appears out of the bushes and uses his cape (the red blanket) to push the water to the flowers.

Next, the scene shows Red, the Eggs and some apples in a basket, he then throws an apple in the air and is about to eat it, but Bomb bounces it back to the basket.

The next scene shows Bomb licking his ice cream until some Minion Pigs (disguising themselves with bushes) try the steal the Eggs, Bomb notices this and throws his ice cream into a rock and jumps down to stop the pigs, however his cape covers his face, he tries to get it off, but lands into a bush. The pigs start laughing and goes to the eggs, just when they took the eggs, Bomb appears. However, Bomb was pulled back into the rock wall. The pigs laugh at him, which causes him to get really angry and explode, sending the pigs flying into the air. The eggs are returned to the nest, but the cape is ripped. Bomb is sad and starts to cry.

Later on, the flock present Bomb with a new blanket, and Bomb decides to use it as a hammock where he can relax and continue reading the superhero magazine.

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  • This is the eighth time Bomb explodes. The first time was in The Bird That Cried Pig, second time was in Tooth Royal, third time was in Clash of Corns, fourth time was in El Porkador!, fifth time was in Hiccups, sixth time was in Shrub It In and seventh time was in Bomb's Awake.
  • This is the sixth time that all the first five flock members have an appearance together. The first is Off Duty, the second is Run Chuck Run, the third is The Bird That Cried Pig, the fourth is Hiccups and the fifth is Sink or Swim.


  • The final time that Bomb explodes, his crest disappears.



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