Super Glue
Super Glue
Episode number 8
Air Date May 30, 2014
Written by JP Saari
Directed by JP Saari
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The Mirror Piggy in the Middle

Super Glue is the eighth episode of the Piggy Tales series.

This episode was aired on May 30, 2014.

Name origins

It is based off the power-up of the same name.

Toons.TV Description

What’s green, stupid, and sticky all over? See what happens when one dimwitted pig finds a tube of glue – and just has to pick it up!



The episode begins with a Minion Pig seeing a tube of glue. He wanted to see whether there was any glue inside by shaking it and smelling it. Just then, another Minion Pig arrived. He asked if there was anything inside the tube to which the first Minion pig said no. As he left, he somehow managed to glue the second Minion pig onto his back.

After a while walking, the second Minion Pig alerted the first Minion Pig that he was glued to him, to which the first Minion Pig turned around to find the source of the noise. Suddenly, a third Minion Pig arrived, asked how was the second Minion Pig's day going and then get stuck to the second Minion Pig. Then, more Minion Pigs came over to ask the previous Minion Pigs how they were stuck, just to get stuck themselves, despite being warned to stay clear lest they would be stuck as well.

Eventually, the first Minion Pig got exhausted from finding the source of the sounds and left, with the entire stack of Minion Pigs being dragged along in a caterpillar movement.


Piggy Tales "Super Glue"

Piggy Tales "Super Glue"

Hmm... What's this? Let's try! and... Oops!


  • This is the first Piggy Tales episode to have the word Super in it. The second is Superpork.
  • A Minion Pig said ''Hey'' in the episode. This is one of the few times a minion pig spoke.
  • The glue looks exactly like the Super Glue power-up. All that's missing is a star.
  • Foreman Pig's laugh from Slappy-Go-Lucky is reused in the intro of this episode.

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