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Super Villains of Piggy Island is eleventh event of Angry Birds Epic, which started on January 26, 2016 and ended on February 1, 2016.


Megalomaniac Pyrobolist

He looks like Pyrobolist but is stronger than him. In his levels there are Prince Porky, some in-game pigs and the enemies of Happy Year of the Goat!, Raiding Party and Curse of the Necromancer events.

Super Dark Knight

He looks like Dark Knight but is stronger than him. In his levels there are Squire Pig,some in-game pigs and the enemies of Raiding Party, Curse of The Necromancer events.

Captain Red Beard

This kind of Captain Red Beard, however, uses a different hat and a different weapon. Aside from that, his attacks are not changed.


Almost all pigs, including Prince Porky, King Pig, and Wiz Pig are encountered here, hence its name Super Villains of Piggy Island.


The player should be very smart on making a strategy, because the enemy combinations on this event are almost impossible. It is recommended the player should use Treasure Hunters for Blues, Priest for Matilda, Paladin for Red, Frost Savage for Bomb and Wizard for Chuck.

Your birds' level should be above 50 and have a Mastery rank of 55. Weapons should be enchanted until Rank 5-6.


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