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Super Shot Bird

Super Shot is a special ability of birds in Angry Birds Evolution .


Initially, when the battle is just beginning, there are numbers next to the birds that indicate how many moves you need to make before activating the super-shot (all bird moves are considered, not just a separate one). After the number reaches the value “0”, the bird will start to burn with red fire. If you attack with such a bird, then during the attack it will use its special ability. Different birds have it different.

Superpowers Birds

Each individual color has its own peculiarity:

  • Red birds: deliver a very powerful blow to the enemy.
  • Yellow birds: break through the ranks of enemies, thereby not bouncing off them, but breaking through.
  • Blue birds: create two additional clones, so you can deal a lot of blows.
  • Black birds: arrange a big explosion, thereby causing serious damage to all enemies in the affected area.
  • White birds: roll out a spiky carpet, causing great damage to enemies in its path.

In addition, the super-shot has an additional effect, which depends on the type of bird. For example, Jasmine , in addition to a powerful blow to the enemy repels him, the enemy crashes into his allies and inflicts great damage on them. Some birds collect amplifications or improve them, it happens that a bird attracts enemies to each other, there are birds that continue or improve combos.

Some pigs prevent the filling of a super shot.

Note: the amount of damage caused by birds under the influence of a super shot depends on their level and the birds themselves.

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