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This article is about The Episode. You may be looking for a character with the same name.

Superpork is the eighteenth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description[]

Stop that thief! Will SuperPork and his trusted sidekick save the day? Go SuperPork, go!


As we begin, the title card starts differently with the words "Su-per-pork" appearing one by one. Then as we cut to the setting of this story, the siren blares as the Medium Pig runs away with money in the bag, thief-style. Then, we see Superpork and his heroic sidekick coming to save the day, but the evil thief Medium Pig has is at the other side of a gap to stop Superpork and his sidekick to stop the thief and he went into the other side! But never fear, Superpork and his helpful machines are here! First, Superpork's sidekick decided to jump to the other side by himself to catch the thief but Superpork says that he don't have to worry because he's got a grappling hook to stop the thief, but it was too short and not enough to reach the evil Minion Pig! The Minion Pig laughs to them because their plan fails. Superpork had to think of another way to stop him, and this time, he's got a suction cup wheeled one-cycle! Suddenly, this was no match for the evil Minion Pig at all because when he almost reach the other side, his suction cup wheels sticked into the wall, make his cycle has no more wheels, and their plan fails and the thief laughs again! Superpork wants to give up but luckily, Superpork's sidekick had another idea. He had balloons, one balloon for his sidekick, and one for Superpork, so they can catch the thief Minion Pig red-handed, they fly into the evil Minion Pig's side! But the evil Minion Pig got away for it, popped both of their balloons by jumping on, and then jump into the side that the two heroes just stand and caught Superpork red-handed! He decided to stop his super career, but not yet!


  • The title, and the theme song is a spoof of Superman and Batman respectively.
    • Superpork and his sidekick are based on Batman and Robin.
  • This episode has another epilogue, but only his evil laugh was heard.
  • The balloons and the suction cup wheels from Bad Piggies appears in this episode.
  • This is the second episode to have a voice for the title card music. The first being The Mirror.
  • The evil minion pig, because he laughs a lot, may be a parody of The Joker.
  • The music would later reused at Doorbell Symphony.
  • The plot contains 8 exclamation marks, meaning that someone happy wrote this. This same thing happens on The Catch (not anymore because they edited).

Lyrics (only for this episode)[]







  • Bag
  • Grappling Rope
  • Suction Cup-Wheeled Unicycle
  • Balloons





Piggy Tales - Superpork - S1 Ep18

Little piggies, don't fear, SuperPork is here!!!

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