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Sweets of Doom is the second episode of the second season of Angry Birds Toons and the fifty-fourth overall.

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No one gets between Bubbles and his candy. Not even King Pig! But there's something fishy about these sweets.


It's Halloween and the pigs are celebrating at the Pig Palace. But Bubbles is there too and he looks at all the things the pigs are doing and looks in his bag and is on the search for candy. He sees a Minion Pig dressed up as a mummy, a holding a lollipop. Bubbles takes it away from him and blows a raspberry, then the mummy pig runs away crying. Then he sees King Pig with a mountain of candy in his bowl. Bubbles wants to eat all of it, but King Pig goes ahead and eats it all, but one piece lands on the mummy pig. King Pig and Bubbles run to the mummy pig to eat the candy. When the mummy pig gets crashed into, the candy rolls into a secret hallway. The two rivals chase after it. When the round piece of candy rolls down stairs, Bubbles' beak gets stuck to the wall. King Pig laughs at him, but Bubbles expands like a balloon to crush King Pig. While the candy still rolls, King Pig escapes from Bubbles, and chuckles at him again. He takes his time and notices scary pictures on the walls. Meanwhile, Bubbles deflates and chases after him. King Pig spots a plate of glowing green candy. After eating, King Pig's eyes turn green and he transforms into an octopig. When he becomes a monster, the plate is in his grasp. The pigs outside the castle are terrified at the very sight of King Pig's monster form. Bubbles flies around King Pig to tangle his tentacles. After a while, the plate spills and all the other pigs eat the green candy. But as a consequence, the pigs turn into octopigs. Corporal Pig laughs, but he becomes one, too. Bubbles sees the effects, but smiles and eats the candy anyway. The fourth wall breaks on Bubbles, who is about to become an octobird, but the credits show right before he can be seen turning into an octobird.

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  • When King Pig's looks at the scary pictures while he's finding the candy, the vampire pig's picture has an error with his costume.
  • Bubbles isn't listed in the credits, but he appears in the episode.

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