Swine Symphony
Swine Symphony TC
Episode number 26
Air Date March 1, 2016 (DVD) February 17, 2017 (Toons.TV)
Written by Eric Guaglione and Stefano Camelli
Directed by Eric Guaglione
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Swine Symphony is the twenty-sixth and final episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Toons.TV Description

Music to the working pig's ears.


A construction pig is hammering a nail on a plank with another construction pig watching it. Another  Construction Pig is sawing a plank, another pig is also hammering a nail (Which the nail always goes up again). The constructions pigs continue to do this, then a hammer starts to beat a iron slab which is made by another construction pig, another construction pig starts to screw some screws and two other construction pigs keep hammering a nail. A whistle warns the pigs that is lunch time, the construction pigs open their lunchboxes (Item of each lunchbox:Apple,sandwich,milk box and a cork opener), a pig gets his apple and starts to eat it, another pig gets his sandwich and starts to eat it, another gets his milkbox and starts to dink the milk, they give a bite and drink various times. A Construction Pig is sleeping with his jackhammer which wakes him up by turning active, the pigs do their respective things various times. A Construction Pig  with bowtie gets happy and takes his hard hat off showing it was Tenor Pig and starts to sing making the other pigs look him but they continue to do their work. Various things happen, such as explosions and cannon balls fly, then it shows that the thing that the pigs were building was a giant wooden snout.


  • The music written in the title card can be played and the melody is the theme song of Piggy Tales.
  • This is the last Piggy Tales episode to use clay-styled CGI.
  • The pigs were probably building the Piggy Theater.


Piggy Tales - Pigs at Work Swine Symphony - S2 Ep26

Piggy Tales - Pigs at Work Swine Symphony - S2 Ep26

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