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T-Bone is a pig that only appeared in the Double Trouble Tournament from Angry Birds Friends.


Angry Birds Friends T-Bone.png

T-Bone is a pig that is based on a devil. He is big, heavy, and hot. He has big teeth, a red skull front part, half white craked skull, a lot of dark spots on his body and when he is little, he has black eyes with red pupils and only red horns. He is based on a devil because:

  • Both have horns
  • Both are red
  • Both have scary teeth
  • Both have black eyes with red pupils.


In the Double Trouble Event, the players could feed two monster pigs with Hostess Cupcakes: Pigtoking or T-Bone. Most of the players voted for Pigtoking in a fierce battle and T-Bone lost.

He seems to be summoned when a flash of lightning hits a guitar, as seen in the Angry Birds Friends Double Trouble Tournament Trailer.

You could feed him with cupcakes collected from the levels. As he didn't win the Feeding Event, he didn't appear in

Angry Birds Friends Double Trouble Event Round 2.png

the levels from Halloween Mania. Perhaps the appearance shown in the artwork was his powerful form.


His enemies are the birds, (Who also helped him to get bigger to give them some pumpkins) Pigtoking, and the minion pigs (Probably).


  • In the artwork of the Double Trouble Tournament Trailer, two unseen newspapers can be viewed on a wall. On the 1st paper, there's a pig emerging from the ground (Possibly Pigtoking) and on the 2nd paper, there's a skull pig chasing a pig. This can imply how T-Bone would act in the tournament, chasing pigs upon defeat, like how Pigtoking does, but instead, he keeps flying. See the artwork here.