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TNT? Not for me! is fifth episode of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories.


Who remembers the first ever level of Angry Birds? It might seem easy-peasy looking back, but how many of us shot Red in the wrong direction? Don't lie…




Four pigs go to a structure, Foreman Pig is showing where a pig need to go in the structure and ghe goes to it, then he shows that a pig needs to get on a TNT and he gets scared, the pig next to him laughs and he doesn't want to go, but Foreman Pig screams and he goes to it. He is still scared and looks to the slingshot.

Red is going to sling himself and the pig gets more scared. The pig has an idea and goes away but bumps into Foreman Pig in a manhole, which he yells at him to he get to his place. He gets more scared and Red launches himself, but he hits a pig in a stone box and the pig laughs.

Bomb is slinging himself and the pig gets more scared, but he has another idea, he picks the TNT box and throws all the dynamite in a manhole. Bomb launches himself and falls on the dynamite, he blows up and defeats all the pigs except the TNT pig but Foreman Pig falls on him and destroys the TNT box.



ve Slingshot hero logo
* - New in season 3