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Score Mighty Falcon Versions

Tatooine 1-13 is the 13th level of Tatooine in Angry Birds Star Wars and the game overall.


  • The upside down pigs can be tricky.
  • Getting 3 stars is not easy.


Launch Luke above the first tower, towards the incoming fire. Use the lightsaber to redirect the laser towards the pig below. Luke will land on the tnt box if you lucky enough. Use Obi-Wan if necessary.

Golden Droid[]

First golden droid is here! It's very hard to claim it. You cannot reach it directly. Use the Luke's lightsaber or Obi-Wan's push ability to redirect the laser from the rightmost Stormtrooper. If you lucky enough, the laser will through the golden droid and you 'll transported to the level automatically.

Video Walkthrough[]

ABPop Lives Refill Video
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