Episode number 4
Air Date May 2, 2014
Written by Rémi Chapotot
Directed by Rémi Chapotot
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Teeter-Trotter is the fourth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Two piggies are playing on a seesaw. They’re trying to get it rocking, but one of the pigs is just too big! So how can they get that big piggy up in the air?


In this story, a Minion Pig is bouncing on a seesaw, but when he bounces, a large Minion Pig does not move whatsoever, so the large Minion Pig walks off the seesaw, and when he feels upset, a clattering noise is heard. Then, the small Minion Pig "crawls" to see the large Minion Pig who is not having fun at all.

So, he talks to him and finds out what is the matter. The large Minion Pig knew that he was not playing at the seesaw due to him not moving. Suddenly, the Minion Pig had an idea. He tried to plan that the large Minion Pig will move with one firework.

The firework tried to get the support for him, but instead, he would not budge, either. The small Minion Pig's first idea did not go out as planned, so his new idea was that the large Minion Pig could move with four fireworks attached with a rope, but even with four fireworks and a rope, there was definitely no way that the large Minion Pig could move, either.

So the small Minion Pig came out with one final idea, and that was with eight fireworks, the large Minion Pig could definitely move, so the fireworks launched but they floated away and they shot directly at the Minion Pigs.

By the two Minion Pigs flying in the sky, he could finally budge. His final idea worked after all.


Small Minion Pig - (Exclusive Appearance)

Large Minion Pig - (Exclusive Appearance)

Seesaw - (Exclusive Appearance)

Fireworks - (Exclusive Appearance)

Rope - (Exclusive Appearance)


  • The title is a pun off Teeter-Totter, the american name of a See-saw.



Piggy Tales "Teeter Trotter"

Piggy Tales "Teeter Trotter"


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