Infobox monarch
Image Not Avalible (New)
Voiced by Bill Hader
Name King Leonard Mudbeard
Full Name Leonard Mudbeard
Regnal Name King Mudbeard
Gender His Majesty
Ruler King of Piggy Island
Born unknown
Passed away unknown
Buried Pig Church Cemetery
Family King Pig's mother (wife)
Unknown father (deceased)
Unknown mother (deceased)
King Pig (son)
Issue Smoothcheeks
Coronation Location Balcony of Pig Palace
Coronation Timing shortly before the Battle of Pig City
Titles held Commander of the Piggy Air Force
Captain of the Porkchop Express
Commander-in-chief of the Piggy Army
Advisor Ross
Legacy Stealing eggs, Battle of Pig City, beginning the Great Egg War
Preceeded by Succeeded by
unknown King Pig
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