Template-infoTemplate documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

You need to use this template in the Angry Birds Space Level Walkthrough pages, Episode pages and List of Angry Birds Space.

How to use

Type the template {{Space Birds}} won't be anything happen. You need to fill the parameter in this template such as {{Space Birds|Red Bird}} will show this: Red bird space.
To use this template, you need to use it several times. Such as level 1-# has 2 Red Bird, 3 Lazer Bird, and 2 Blue Birds. You must order the templates like in the real game. (The leftmost one is the first bird and the rightmost is the last bird.) Example: Blue birdsLazer birdRed bird spaceLazer birdBlue birdsLazer birdRed bird space.
You mustn't switch the parameter because the different birds in the different orders make the level easier or harder. The position is very, very, very important.


In visual mode, when you insert the template, you will get the parameter box #1, you need to fill the type of bird in the box, then click OK.
Note: If you fill the correct parameter, the picture of bird will appear.

Parameter #1

Super Red Bird, type as "Red Bird" Red bird space
Lightning Birds, type as "Blue Birds" Blue birds
Lazer Bird, type as "Lazer Bird" Lazer bird
Firebomb Bird, type as "Black Bird" Firebomb Bird
Incredible Terence, type as "Big Brother Bird" Big green bird
Ice Bird, type as "Ice Bird" Ice bird
Atomic Bird, type as "Orange Bird" Orange bird space
Space Egg, type as "Space Egg" Egg space
Space Eagle Sardine Can, type as "Sardine" Sardines

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