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"And this is Terence!"
"More like 'Terrifying'."
Matilda, Terence and Red, The Angry Birds Movie

Terence[note 2] is a character that appears in the Angry Birds series. He is a bird and a member of the Angry Birds. He is also the most powerful bird of the flock and the second most powerful bird in the series beating out Bomb, but falling behind the Mighty Eagle.


Main article: Terence/Angryverse

Terence is a large bird. Resembling Red in some aspects, he is covered with crimson feathers, small darker circles on certain parts of his body, and peach feathers on his belly. His most notable characteristics are two feathers on his head that work as his crest. Large, black eyebrows on his face, and three small black feathers on his tail.

Originally, Terence had a non-anthropomorphic, round body, without showing any limbs at all. In Angry Birds Toons, Terence's face is smaller, giving him a larger and more threatening appearance. The two wrinkles on his forehead are longer, and he still has six red violet spots on his face (though in front profile, he has five). After the release of The Angry Birds Movie, he received an anthropomorphic body, which borrowed many features of his old design. He now has a large, oval-shaped torso, two short wings, and two short, yellow legs. His head is very large and connected to the torso without a neck. In addition, his feathers on his head were replaced with two longer feathers with black ends, while his tail feathers are now longer and pointy. Also, his eyes would have orange irises. Future releases would occasionally switch between Terence's new design and his old one.

However, his prototype version had the same color scheme as Red, and he doesn't have dots all over his body, just 3 dots on each side of his eyes, much like Red himself. Also, he had no tail, so he was basically larger version of Red with no tail.


Terence Toy Care

Terence's profile, from Toy Care's 3D Toothbrush product presentation.

Terence is a rather silent, level-headed bird, who has little to no interaction with other people. He only speaks through grunts, and has hardly ever spoken. This is due to him preferring to have a quiet life.[4] He also has very little facial expression and barely shows any emotions on the outside, which makes him look intimidating and scary to both pigs and birds. Because of his lack of communication, no one really knows what goes on in his head.[7][8]

Despite this grumpy-looking personality, Terence has a soft side he does not show very often. He worries about his friends, and is willing to lend them a hand when necessary. Similarly, he cares deeply about his daughters (in the second movie), and panics whenever they are lost. He can also act friendly and solidary even to his enemies despite his cranky look, such as when he gave the Minion Pigs gifts for Christmas.[9]

Powers and abilities

"Terence needs no ability."
Red, Angry Birds 2

Terence is notable for his incredible strength; one such example was when he and the other birds tried to go from Bird Island to Piggy Island, where he managed to push a large boat full of people on his own.[10] It is also worth noting that Terence is an indestructible person, having survived being hit by a large rock about his size, and even a gigantic explosion, with no scratches.[11] Once, he even withstood atmospheric entry.[12]

Despite his gigantic size, Terence is somehow incredibly fast and athletic. He can be everywhere at once by "teleporting" whenever no one is looking at him (As if he was a ninja in his previous life),[4] allowing him to outrun Chuck within seconds.[10][13] It has even been confirmed that he is capable of floating in midair,[4] though this was never shown.

In most games of the Angry Birds franchise, Terence is also able to break through most Materials with incredible ease.

Strength and resistance aside, Terence is an expert in engineering and building, being able to build a large wooden duck about his size[14] and a metallic slingshot[15] from scratch. It was also shown twice that he can drive vehicles despite his weight.[10]



Wingman Credits

Wingman, from Angry Birds Friends.

Main article: Wingman

Through unknown means, Terence can transform into Wingman, a superhero-like transformation where he wears a dark blue mask with a yellow W on it. Most of his abilities remain the same, though he is a little stronger with a drastically different voice from his regular counterpart and has a more boastful personality.

The Incredible Terence

Big green bird

The Incredible Terence, from Angry Birds Space.

Main article: The Incredible Terence

By passing through an extraterrestrial wormhole of some kind, Terence can turn into The Incredible Terence.[16] In this state, his body is tinted green, and he is able to produce small sound waves that can attract nearby pigs towards him. This transformation only appeared in Angry Birds Space.



Heatwave, from Angry Birds Transformers.

Main article: Heatwave

By being exposed to the radiation of an extraterrestrial device, Terence can turn into Heatwave. In this state, he gains a robotic look with a firefighter-like appearance. As an Autobird, he can change his form to turn into a truck or a person. He can also shoot lasers that are able to destroy a large amount of obstacles. This transformation only appears in Angry Birds Transformers.


Angry birds Star Wars loading screen

Chewbacca, from Angry Birds Star Wars.

Main article: Chewbacca

Chewbacca appears in Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II. Although not technically a transformation, it should still be noted that Chewbacca was a rather powerful character. His ability allows him to roar a shockwave, toppling structures and popping nearby Stormtroopers. After activating his ability, he is still able to cut through most blocks with fair ease.



For the one hundred millionth time, they are not related

Terence with Red, from The Angry Birds Movie.

"These guys are all nuts, huh, big man?"
"Are we speaking telepathically, or you're just...?"
"Good talk..... Nice chattin' with ya.""
Red and Terence, The Angry Birds Movie

Red is an ally of Terence. The two met for the first time when they were forced by law to attend Matilda's anger management classes. Initially, both had a rather tense relationship, as Terence distrusted Red, while the latter was frightened by his appearance. However, after Leonard stole the eggs from Bird Island, Terence and the other birds cooperated with Red to get the eggs back. Since then, Terence and Red started to have a better relationship with each other. While Red does not interact with Terence as much as he used to, and still somewhat fears him, both have a mutual respect for each other, and Terence even prepared a surprise party for Red's birthday.[7]


Chuck is other of Terence's friends, and a friendly rival of his. The two first met when they were forced by law to attend Matilda's anger management classes in the first movie. For a long time, Chuck has had a rivalry with Terence, competing against him in many races that Terence somehow manages to win. Because of this, it has been shown that Chuck is jealous of the crimson bird's victories.[13] Regardless, the two still have a mutual respect for each other.


I knew my boy was going to get a girlfriend

Terence with Matilda, from The Angry Birds Movie.

In Angry Birds Toons, Terence was shown to unintentionally cause harm to Matilda's plants, However, in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Angry Birds Reloaded, Matilda is Terence's wife. The two first met when the large bird was forced by law to attend her anger management classes. At some point, Terence fell in love with Matilda, even confessing her that he loved her through a painting of his. As this made her feel uncomfortable, Matilda left, leaving aside a saddened Terence.[10] However, after she was saved by him, Matilda also fell in love with him, eventually getting married (though in a low-cost wedding[17]) and having four daughters together. Because of how close she is to him, Matilda is one of the very few people who do not fear Terence.[11]


Terence and Tony

Terence with his cousin Tony, from Angry Birds Seasons.

Tony is Terence's cousin from Helsinki, Finland. It is noted that both are equally serious and grumpy. However, Terence still likes to visit his cousin for Christmas and watch the auroras with him during night-time.[18]




Names in other languages

Language Name English translation
Finnish Tero


  • In the original Angry Birds' files, Terence was referred to as "bigbrother", which led to popular fan theories and speculation of him being Red's older brother, given their similar appearance. He was also referred to as "Big Brother" in his profile of Toy Care's 3D Toothbrush product presentation. However, Rovio has confirmed that they are not related.
  • In the official EU shop website, Terrence is called "Fat Bird", but the url contains "big-brother-plush-toy"[2]
  • On May 11, 2021, at 5:12 P.M EST, the official Garfield Twitter account tweeted the word "terence"[19]
  • Terence's spots are purple on his plush, rather than dark red.
  • He was first referred to by his proper name by Red in the Season's Greetings comic.
  • Terence is the largest member of The Flock (excluding Bubbles' inflated form and the Mighty Eagle).
  • Terence used to make Red's modified pain noises in the Flash-based games. This was later on changed in Angry Birds Friends.
    • In Angry Birds Breakfast 1 & 2, Terence accidentally uses Red's original pain noises rather than his classic pain noises.
  • He is the first bird to have a confirmed name.
  • Although Terence is the largest and probably the heaviest bird in The Flock (excluding Mighty Eagle), he somehow can “teleport” with ease. This can be seen in Angry Birds Toons episodes like Run Chuck, Run! and Fix It!, and in The Angry Birds Movie when the entire bird village went over to the beach to see the pig ship.
  • Terence, Jay, Jake, and Jim are the only male birds in Angry Birds Toons to have female voice actors. His sounds make him sound male.
  • The fact that Terence only growls is a reference to hunter animals, such as felines.
  • Terence has been associated with the "I'm The Biggest Bird" meme in late-2022 due to being the largest main playable bird in the game.


Main article: Terence/Gallery


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  2. Terence's name has had other spellings as well, such as Terrence and Terrance.


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Gimmicks and obstacles Carnival | Red's Holiday Calendar | Frost Festival | Balloon | Billy | Cake | Dice | Donut | Easter Egg | Glass | Greek pillar | Grey block | Pumpkin | Rubber | Stone | TNT | Treasure chest | Wood | Sardine
Other Earth (Bird Island, Eagle Island, Piggy Island (Cobalt Plateaus, Bamboo Forest, South Beach, Pig City) | Level Failed | Piggy kingdom | Star
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Playable characters Angry Birds (Bomb, Chuck, Matilda, Red, Stella, Terence)
Non-playable characters Hatchlings (Ariana, The Blues, Samantha, Vincent, Will, Zoe)  · Hug Trader  · Mighty Eagle  · Monica  · Shirley
Enemies Corporal Pig  · Foreman Pig  · Leonard  · Minion Pigs (Lollipop Fan Pig, Ninja Pig, Sneezing Pig, Shooter Pig, Marshmallow Pig, Relaxing Pig, Cardboard Box Pig, Scout Pig, Sign Holding Pig, Fart Pig, TNT Pig, Boxer Pig)
Items Slingshot
Gimmicks and obstacles Glass  · Stone  · TNT  · Wood
Modes Mission Mode  · Classic Mode
Others Gallery · Minecraft · Earth (Bird Island (Camp Splinterwood, Bird Island Beach, Eagle Mountain), Piggy Island)  · Star  · Piggy kingdom