The Angry Birds Movie countains a bunch of deleted scenes, which is going to be seen below, they were deleted mainly to reduce the movie's runtime. They are the following:

Timothy Cries

This is an early version of the part where Red delivers the cake, instead of screaming after se eing Red, he starts cry, Red then reads a paper saying that Timothy doesn't like clowns nor can eat wheat, Red sings a Happy Hatchday song to him but it ends up calling his father, Edward, that acts the same way as in the used scene, but the cuckoo says Tfaah Tfaah instead of Cuck-a-Roo Cuck-a-Roo.

This scene was removed because it won't make sense to Edward hire clown knowing his son is scared of them and the Cuckoo's chime was changed to be more appropriate for a cuckoo.

More scenes coming soon!

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