The Angry Birds Movie contains a bunch of deleted scenes, which are going to be seen below. They were deleted mainly to reduce the movie's runtime. They are the following:

Timothy Cries

This is an early version of the part where Red delivers the cake, instead of screaming after seeing Red, he starts to cry. Red then reads a paper saying that Timothy doesn't like clowns nor can eat wheat, Red sings a Happy Hatchday song to him but it ends up calling his father, Edward, that acts the same way as in the used scene, but the cuckoo says Tfaah Tfaah instead of Cuck-a-Roo Cuck-a-Roo.

This scene was removed because it won't make sense for Edward to hire a clown knowing his son is scared of them and the Cuckoo's chime was changed to be more appropriate for a cuckoo.

Red Apologizes

The scene shows how Chuck and Bomb sit at Red's table even though they were angry at him for destroying Billy. In the scene, Clayton the waiter bird gives Red a bow of worms, but Red gets disgusted as it has a feather in it. Chuck and Bomb then come with the basket full of useful stuff that Leonard gave to them. Chuck sees Red and gets bored, but Red apologizes what he did to Billy and Chuck and Bomb sit next to him. Red then gets suspicious about the pigs.

Mighty Eagle's Coconut Story

Instead of singing the Mighty Eagle Song, Mighty Eagle would tell Red, Chuck and Bomb about the coconut story, the shading is different in this scene. In the scene, the birds and Mighty Eagle sit on the sofas, as usual. Red tries to tell Mighty Eagle about the pigs, but Chuck looks at the coconut, making Mighty Eagle open a can of sardines and talk about it and interrupt Red.

Red gets angry at Chuck. Mighty Eagle is talking about the coconut, where he found it while flying like a moth to the flame, but Red and Chuck start to fight. Mighty Eagle then demands them to stop and Chuck mocks Red after stopping, but Bomb stops them from fighting.

Mighty Eagle continues his tory and finishes chapter 1. He then puts a coin in his retracting chair and talks about chapter 2.

Leonard's Sit Cushions

This scene is a different version of the scene where Leonard is coronated. Instead of only showing the eggs and announcing the feast, Leonard would say to the pigs that there's more and asked Ross if he gave the cushions to the pigs. Ross confirms and Leonard announces the Sit Cushions. All pigs get their Sit Cushions and sit on it. It makes a loud noise and earthquake. A large Sowny television shows the Whoopee Cam where it shows the pigs having fun with their cushions that have the face of Leonard on it.

Leonard is disgusted and asks Ross why does it have his face on it. Ross says that it's personal.

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