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The Angry Birds Movie (Original Motion Picture Score) is the soundtrack album from The Angry Birds Movie that released on May 13, 2016. 


Track No. Title Length
1 Red on the Run 2:31
2 Birthday Party 2:32
3 Bird Court 4:32
4 Billy Fight 1:32
5 This is Going to be Awful 2:13
6 Terence and Bomb 3:58
7 Boat Approaches 1:51
8 Poetry Time 2:11
9 Leonard 2:15
10 The Trampoline 3:12
11 Who Are These Weirdos? 1:35
12 Look What I found! 1:49
13 Paint your pain 2:02
14 Does None of This Seem Wrong? 1:11
15 I Need Your Help 2:26
16 Lake of Wisdom 1:27
17 I Think He Saw Us 1:59
18 Helium, It's a Gas 1:19
19 I Used to Believe in You 4:13
20 They All Gone 1:27
21 Build a Boat 2:17
22 Arrive at Piggy Island 1.28
23 Ready, Aim, Fire! 3:39
24 Risky Idea 4:10
25 Chuck Time 0:46
26 We Want Eggs! 7:31
27 Nothing Like a Statue 4:14
28 Home Sweet Home 1:01
29 Mighty Red 0:47
30 Roomies 1:23
31 Red's Demo 2:08
32 Piggy Demo 3:08



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