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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (or simply Angry Birds Movie 2, or Angry Birds 2) is a 2019 CGI-animated action-comedy film based on Rovio's Angry Birds franchise, presented by Sony Pictures Animation and Rovio Entertainment, released by Columbia Pictures, and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It is the sequel to 2016's The Angry Birds Movie. It was released in U.S. theaters on August 14, 2019[1], digital on October 29, 2019 and DVD and Blu-ray on November 12, 2019.

The sequel was eventually followed up by a third film.


The flightless birds live their lives in peace in Bird Island, after the war for the rescue of their eggs and reconstruction of their village. However, Leonard (King Mudbeard), after the destruction of his city and castle in the war, puts his revenge in practice with new assistants, leading to another small war involving the birds and pigs. 

However, a purple eagle bird named Zeta, tired of living on a cold island, starts to put the lives of both the birds and pigs at risk, making them put their differences aside and embark on a new adventure to end this plan and save their worlds and lives.


The following information contains spoilers with the plot and ending details. Or continue to scroll down for your own risk.

The movie starts with Bird Island's inhabitants utilizing the slingshot transit system to get to where they need to go across an expanded Bird Village. Some are enjoying the beachVincentZoe, and Samantha are building a Sand Castle. Then, Red pops out of the sand. He demands Bomb and Chuck to look at their binoculars. Chuck sees a pie coming out of nowhere. Red then takes Chuck's binoculars and looks through them. They get scared and duck, but the pie hits a duck's face. The birds apologize.

Red looks through the binoculars and sees that it was Leonard with Courtney at Piggy Island and the pigs that were launching pies on them. He and his friends get angry. They then launch a hot sauce bottle off the slingshot, which hits a pig that was at a Taco Hog restaurant asking for hot sauce.

The birds are then relaxing at the beach again, but a sun rail starts popping everything inflatable, including the bouncy castle that the hatchlings were in. Then the hatchlings start crying. They see that it was Leonard with a giant magnifying glass. Red gets angry so RedChuckBomb, and Terence pile themselves on a plank and then jump into the sea, causing a tsunami to come to Piggy Island and smash Pig City entirely, bathing a muddy pig, Oliver, that didn't want to take a bath.

The birds are then relaxing at the beach again, but Leonard and his pigs come in piggy zeppelins and open bags full of crabs, which they infest the beach and ruin the birds' fun. One of the crabs even steal Hal's wallet but Red gives it to him. They defeat the crabs by Bomb rolling above them.

Back at the castle's tower, Leonard starts looking at his telescope, which he notices an Ice Ball falling. It falls into the sea and he looks again, which is revealed to be a third island that is launching it. Zeta, a purple eagle is tired of all the ice and seals that completely ruin the fun, such as stealing her food. She demands another Ice Ball be fired, but her secretary, Debbie a white and purple eagle, reminds Zeta that the scientist she hired, named Glenn, is being tortured by her.

Back at Bird Island, there are a bunch of inflatable Leonard pigs coming with truce letters. Red, Chuck, and Bomb start talking. Then, they launch themselves to the Speed Dating place.

The hatchlings, Zoe, Vincent, and Samantha start to pretend to be Red and Pigs. Samantha is sad because the eggs are rocks, so Zoe goes to her house to get her parents' (Terence and Matilda) three eggs. She puts them on the wooden nest, but it is pulled by the sea waves. 

In the Speed Dating area, Red, Chuck, and Bomb start talking with female birds, such as Dahlia, Willow, and Ella, Silver is talking with Red, but he gets angry as Silver was asking personal questions. He goes back to his house, where he eats popcorn and drinks butter. Someone knocks on the door. He opens the door and it was Leonard. He gets scared.

He starts blocking the places to Leonard do not enter and then puts him on the floor tied by ropes. He asks what was him here for. Leonard says that there's a third island and it may destroy all of the birds and pigs. Red is not convinced until Leonard dispatches SQUEAL Team Six, hiding throughout the house, to reveal the drone photos to him.

They start recruiting the birds again. Bomb, Chuck, Silver, and Mighty Eagle make a secret meeting on the Eagle Mountain talking about Zeta. Mighty Eagle gets scared. An ice ball hits the mountain, which the team flees on Mighty Eagle, but he crashes into a mountain. However, the team successfully lands safety with the Eagle Island Map.

All the birds and Mighty Eagle get shocked about Eagle Mountain's destruction, but not Zeta, which she demands Glenn to improve the Ice Balls to Magma Ice Balls. Then, the Birds and Pigs team starts to walk to the Pig Submarine, which was thought to be small but later is revealed to be the huge machine full of devices and inventions made by Garry, who was a smart tech pig.

Meanwhile, the three hatchlings are paddling a raft and get the eggs, but a sperm whale appears and lifts them by launching a water jet from the blowhole, making the eggs fall on a cloud. Then, Zoe puffs herself up and flies to get the eggs but she and her friends go to space, but the tied beak gets untied by hitting a spacecraft. The Piggy Submarine reaches the Eagle Island and opens its snout, showing the heroes with winter suits, but they slide on the iron and fall on the snow. They talk about the plan and say about Zeta, which Mighty Eagle remembers about the days of his relationship with her and the abandon of her on the marriage. Silver asks why he did it. He says that he was a coward and flies away.

Then, the eggs fall into a small island with a palm tree. Zoe and her friends find a mother snake with the eggs and defeat it. Taking her skin and teeth as clothes, they then build a boat with a palm tree leaf (not shown) and then reach a beach, which they thought was Bird Island, but was revealed to be Piggy Island. They find three piglets and they call them to ride a pig zeppelin.

The members of the mission start to continue discussing their plan. Red asks how Leonard and the other members (Except Silver) would reach the cannon. They then show Harvey, an eagle suit, but Red isn't happy as the friends are giving too many good qualities to it and starts imagining him being alone with Harvey and his friends ignoring him. They then ask what was happening with him but he says that he is good, and Red starts to go alone to save both of the victim's islands. Silver wants to rebuild Red's relationship by associating with him. However, Red wants to go by himself. They start spilled up. Red and Silver climb up. Red tries to keep struggling through he keeps missing things. Leonard and the others disguise as Harvey, going to the entrance of Zeta's facility, but Carl and Jerry were guarding the door.

When Harvey approaches the entrance, he starts to talk with the guards, but Carl gets suspicious about him and Jerry points his ice spear to them. Carl starts to confiscate the costume and thinks it's true and commands Jerry to open the door. Jerry opens the door and Harvey starts to dance inside the room, surprising Axel, but the costume heads towards the Ice Ball room.

Red and Silver continue their track. They jump into the volcano with ropes tied to them and get into the base. Red cuts wire with a scissor, thinking it was the cannon's wire. But it shows that it was the wire of Carl's microwave with his lunch, he gets angry as it stopped working and cooled down it. Meanwhile, Harvey bumps into barrels and finds a code pad. He tries to open the door, but he doesn't know the code. Leonard has the idea of stealing Brad Eagleberger's keycard and starts walking towards him to get his keycard. They get into the bathroom, which Brad Eagleberger is urinating. Harvey then starts to disturb him, which he is forced to leave. Chuck picks up the keycard, but it ends up brutally injuring Brad. Harvey then leaves.

When Harvey enters the room, Chuck tries to see what was there and accidentally makes Harvey dance. Axel sees it and drops his spear, which Chuck and Leonard think he is going to fight him but he actually starts to dance while he's impressed by his dance moves. Axel then says to Harvey to do his turn. Harvey dances and launches Courtney off its rear. Axel gets shocked, accepts the challenge, and all the eagles, along with him, start to dance.

Chuck notices Hank with Red and Silver and tries to save them. He pedals Harvey, but its legs get too fast that it rips the fur and breaks. The team gets revealed but the all the eagle guards were still dancing, so the team goes behind to make a better plan. Zeta starts to torture Red and Silver on her resort, in which their limbs are frozen on retracting rubber mattresses.

Mighty Eagle flies to his cave and starts to eat Bird Seed. He then notices photos of Zeta kissing him.

Zeta starts to show her evil plan and demands Glenn to fire the ice balls. The Ice Balls are fired and it destroys the Piggy BlimpPig City, and a part of Bird Village. Red gets shocked and starts to remember when he said that the birds shouldn't evacuate. Zeta then leaves the resort and says to the eagles that they aren't going to live anymore on an Ice Island. 

Bomb explodes and Red and Silver escape. Silver has the plan to get into an Ice Ball and explode the Super Weapon, while Bomb and Chuck will distract the guards and the pigs will pull the lever on the Ice Cannon. Almost every plan succeeds but not Red and Silver's, making them fall near Zeta and the Ice Ball deal no damage.

Mighty Eagle gets into the room and tries to convince Zeta to marry him again. While he was talking, Silver demands Chuck to tie the Ice Balls with superstring, and he does it. Zeta says that Debbie was Ethan (Mighty Eagle)'s daughter, and gets angry as he didn't live with her and starts to fire a barrage of Ice Balls, but they all get piled with the Super String. The string starts to break but the Hatchlings and Piglets prevent it and the Ice Balls fall into the Ice Cannon, exploding the entire Eagle Island. The team and the eagles start to run. Baby gets launched off the explosion and unfreezes, making the Seal happy and try to hug him, but he falls into the cold sea, freezing him again.

The Team and Zeta escape safely, but Zeta sees Debbie's shoe below the debris. She starts to mourn but she sees that Mighty Eagle saved her. He starts to show Zeta his tattoos showing him with her and Zeta gets convinced. Both marry and start to kiss. While the pigs, eagles, and birds are at the marriage, they all start to eat and dance together in celebration. Meanwhile, Red and Silver begin a romantic relationship, under the eye of a protective Chuck.

The same hatchlings start to reenact the conflict between Zeta and Harvey, but they go to see Zoe's sisters hatching. They go to Zoe's house. The eggs hatch and it shows that they were actually snakelets and that the eggs were from the Snake and the same snake enters the house asking for her sons. The hatchlings give the snakelets to the snake and the Snake gives Zoe's sisters. The hatchlings start to view them, but Zoe's sisters get into a raft and sail out to sea, much to the hatchlings' dismay.


Birds Pigs Eagles Others









The movie was first announced to be in-production on August 24, 2016.[2] It was noted that many of the assets from the first movie were restored, which caused issues with the technology change occurring at Sony Imageworks such as with grooming character hair and feathers.[3]

Continuity Notes

  • Established in the first film, Terence and Matilda is in a romantic relationship, and in this film it was revealed that they are married and have kids, one of them was Zoe who was a major character in Angry Birds Blues.
  • Red was declared a Hero after he saved the eggs from the pigs, after he was treated as on outcast on Bird Island before the events of the first movie.
    • Matilda even says that Red was one of her students, also establishing something from the first movie
  • The Pigs declared revenge from the Birds from the first movie, but it is revealed it was just a prank war.
  • The Blues have an appearance in this film because, as established in the first film, The Blues were hatched after the destruction of King Pig's Castle.


  • Betty and Alex (from the Father's Day advertisement) are presented as the parents of The Blues instead of Greg and Olive from Angry Birds Blues and the first film.
  • Most of the background bird characters from the first film have different roles/jobs in the second film. For example, Bob Wingman is now the teacher at Red J. Bird Elementary School instead of being the owner of the Early Bird Worms stand, and the Late Riser Bird is now a waiter instead of the owner of the Late Riser Worms stand.
  • In one shot, Stella's eyes are green instead of blue, but was later fixed when Stella was at the wedding.
  • Multiple background characters have been recolored or duplicated in some shots.

Inconsistencies with the Angry Birds games

Much like the first film, there were many plot points that are inconsistent with the games and their lore beforehand. However, in 2022, it was confirmed that all subsequent projects after this film are part of its own continuity.

  • Silver is considered one of the biggest deviations from the franchise as it contradicts with the established lore within the comic The 4th Egg. For example, Silver is presented as Chuck's sister as opposed to being raised by the pigs, she has a different design that almost look like Stella.
  • In Angry Birds Stella, Dahlia is characterized as a scientist, but in this film, she is asleep during Silver's presentation implying she has no interest the scientific field.
  • One of The Blues, Jay, has a different design than her brothers which contradicts the fact that The Blues are presented as identical triplets in the games, The Angry Birds Movie and Angry Birds Blues. John Cohen, the producer of this film, confirmed on his Twitter account that Jay is a female as opposed to a male that he as been in previous projects.

Angry Birds references

  • When Silver was flipping from Bomb, she flipped like her Looping Legend power from Angry Birds 2. The concept of Silver introduced in the sequel to the Angry Birds Movie, is also referencing Angry Birds 2, in which that was Silver's debut. In the sequel to the first game.
    • Silver's brainiac personality might have been inspired from a Chinese ad for Angry Birds 2 where she is presented as goofy, but smart
  • The concept of the Birds and Pigs working together happens rarely in the franchise as we only see it happen in games like Angry Birds Transformers, the last part of the story mode in Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Fight!, and even Angry Birds Islands.
  • This is not the first time the Stella Flock has had a face-to-face confrontation with the Classic Characters, but it is the first in the Movie style as the only other time we see that is in Angry Birds POP!
  • Zoe inflating like a balloon may be a reference to Bubbles' famous power of inflating, but she is forced against her will instead of freely doing it like Bubbles has.
  • The release of this film is in 2019, which marks Angry Birds' Tenth Anniversary.

Real-life references

  • Carl was reading a book entitled "Crazy Rich Avians" which is a reference to not only the novel, but also the film entitled, Crazy Rich Asians, which Awkwafina was a part of.
  • Baby Shark was played at the Regal Eagle where Glenn was dancing to.
  • The Regal Eagle is based on The Regal Beagle from the 1976 sitcom, Three's Company
  • When Zeta was giving her speech, she mentions famous rapper Ice T and Vanilla Ice Ice.
  • Vanilla Ice was also the artist who made the song "Ice Ice Baby" for the film's promotional material, mainly the teaser trailer.
  • When Leonard said, "We're gonna need a bigger Slingshot", it was a reference to the line, "We're gonna need a bigger boat" from Jaws.
  • When Mighty Eagle told the team that Zeta was his fiancée, Courtney misheard him because she was wearing headphones and thought he said Beyoncé.
  • During the promotion for the film, Sony created posters that are parodies of other movies that were either released in 2019 or before hand. The posters were:
    • The poster with the team and Zeta in a purple background is a direct reference to Avengers: Endgame.
    • The poster where Leonard lifts Red is a reference to The Lion King.
    • The poster where Red reads a book while lifted by spider webs is a reference to Spider-Man: Far From Home.
    • The poster where Red and Silver wear tuxedos and have laser guns is a reference to Men in Black: International.
    • The poster where Red is dressed in a red suit with 2 katana swords on his back lying on the words "Redpool" is a reference to Deadpool.

Marketing, Home media and release

Very little information about the film's plot and characters were revealed until Sony eventually released a teaser trailer and poster for it on February 21, 2019.

The film was released in U.S. theaters on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of the original Angry Birds game.[1] The film was originally scheduled to be released on September 20, 2019, but was moved ahead twice to September 6, 2019, then August 16, 2019, and then August 14, 2019.[4][5][6]

The Angry Birds Movie 2 was released on digital and Movies Anywhere by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on October 29, 2019, with Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray, and DVD releases set to follow on November 12. All releases will include an animated short film entitled Live Stream. The Ultra HD Blu-ray version will be the first release of its kind to be IMAX enhanced.


In a now edited article post on the Minecraft website, the author mentions that a sequel is releasing in the summer of 2022, however it was deleted due to a mistake in the release date but the possibility of the sequel is not denied.[7]

Months later, Alexandre Normand confirmed that a third movie is in an early concept phase.[8]

On June 6th, 2024, Rovio would announce that The Angry Birds Movie 3 has entered production.[9]


On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval critic rating of 73% based on 106 reviews, with an average rating of 5.7/10, and an audience rating of 81%, with an average rating of 4.22/5 stars based on 4,717 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, "Like its non-aerodynamic title characters, The Angry Birds Movie 2 takes improbable yet delightfully entertaining flight, landing humorous hits along the way."[10] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 60 out of 100, based on 23 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[11] 

While critics praised the movie, mainly for how the jokes were an improvement over the first film[12], fans gave the film mixed-to-negative reception due to the movie deviating from the source material. Mainly with stuff like Silver, how the Mighty Eagle was treated as a joke, and the over-abundance of trendy pop-culture references like Baby Shark[13]

Casting controversies

In recent years, people criticized the film for the overabundance of celebrity castings within the film[14], like Colleen Ballinger[15], who after this film was charged with grooming charges. The same goes for David Dobrik who was not only charged for sexual assault in 2021, but also injuring Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek. Jojo Siwa in recent years has been criticized for not only making a song based off her ex, but also considers the word lesbian a slur, abusing a disabled kid when making the song and hanging out with people like Colleen Ballinger[16].


  • Unlike the previous installment, it is co-presented by Sony Pictures Animation.
  • Directorial debut of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack creator, Thurop Van Orman.
  • This is the first time that there are different released Official Trailers with different scenes in each country.
  • This movie released the day after World Elephant Day.
  • Early drafts for this film from October 2016 to October 2017 show multiple differences. Mainly that Matilda, Terence, and Stella were main characters, Ross was there instead of Courtney, The plot revolved around a Golden Egg, and Silver was more accurate to her original design from the games. The reason why all of these were changed is unknown.
  • The movie was considered the highest-rated video game movie on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 72% Fresh rating, before it was surpassed in 2021 with the horror film, Werewolves Within with a 86% Fresh rating.
  • The Angry Birds Movie 2 was released on Netflix in the U.S. on March 3, 2020[17]
  • On August 24, 2019, the movie's director John Cohen joked on Twitter about a possible Bubbles solo movie when responding to a random Smosh fan, saying "Agreed. Bubbles does deserve a solo movie. 👍👍"[18]
  • An early test storyboard for The Angry Birds Movie 2 has Red in charge of Matilda's Anger Management Class after the events of the first film, teaching birds how to harness their anger, with Matilda being demoted and unhappy about the change.
  • On the bike scene, Red, Chuck, and Bomb's music was a rehash to an 80s music named "Daisy Bell".
  • There are storyboards for an earlier draft of The Angry Birds Movie 2 that had a more serious tone, with the eagles destroying Piggy Island and Zeta/Zelda threatening to slit Leonard's neck in one of the storyboards. It also makes mention of the Golden Egg (which glows blue in the concept art).[19]
  • Doug Walker considers The Angry Birds Movie 2 one of the best films of 2019 [20]
  • In 2024, Ryan Gosling blames the Angry Birds Movie for destroying the chances of a sequel for the movie “The Nice Guys”.[21]


For this film's image gallery, see The Angry Birds Movie 2/Gallery.


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