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This page contains information about upcoming Angry Birds Media.

To prevent any speculation or false information, this page will be locked from new and unregistered users until it has been released. If you want to add any new information, please ask the Update Users.

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The Angry Birds Movie 3 (known internally as Angry Birds 3: The Big One[3]) is the third installment of the The Angry Birds Movie series that is slated to potentially release sometime between 2025 and 2028.


  • TBA





The first mention of this movie was on a Minecraft blog post for the Minecraft DLC released in May of 2022.[4] The claim of the third movie releasing that summer turned out to be incorrect and the sentence was quickly removed. It was speculated that the line could've meant for the second season of Angry Birds MakerSpace that started later that same month.

During an interview with Rovio CEO Alexandre Normand on the "Mobile Games Network" on July 13th, 2022, he wished not to comment further but later mentioned "it's not a big secret that we [Rovio] are thinking about this" and that he doesn't know when it can come out and what the story would be about .[5]

On October 28th 2022 in an official Q&A session with Ben Mattes on the Rovio Gaming Discord, he was quoted saying that "until something is officially announced, nothing is official" and that if a new movie was being produced, he would be "first in line [to explore new characters for the Angryverse]".[6]

On October 8, 2023, it was discovered on a former DNEG employee's Linkedin portfolio that they were working on a project titled "Angry Birds 3".[7] This information was edited a week later.

On January 24, 2024, a magazine ad in the Posh Paws 2024 plush catalog[8] was discovered for a new line of Angry Birds plush toys.[9] In that page, the text "New movie coming 2024!" can be seen.[10] It has not been specified if this is a feature length film or a short film, however it was later clarified by a Rovio employee named Buck a day later that one of Rovio’s partners added that information without approval.[11]

On June 6, 2024, a video was uploaded to the Angry Birds YouTube Channel titled, "ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 3 LAUNCHING INTO PRODUCTION!". This is the first time the movie was officially acknowledged through public means.[12]





  • Fans of the movie series and journalists have been predicting the release of the third movie ever since 2020.[13][14] During this time some fans joked about the release date of the film[15], while other sites falsely predicted the movie would release around 2022-2024.[16][17][18]
    • In some cases, major news publications falsely reported the movie information created by the fans.[19][20]
    • These predictions would continue after the production announcement was published in the form of fan-made trailers
  • This will be the first Angry Birds movie to be produced without Sony's involvement.
  • In the production announcement video, the music that plays before the Angry Birds theme motif seems to be re-used from the first, and second movies.




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