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The Bird Cage is the eighteenth episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on March 16, 2019.


A mysterious stranger kidnaps Red, Chuck and Bomb. With the three friends locked up and time running out the Angry Birds future becomes uncertain.


The timer from earlier makes an appearance, and Red impatiently agrees that they are running out of time, but soon realizes that the audience needs to know at least. Next, the girl whose phone the birds fell out of is seen exiting the arcade. She gets a text message from someone, and hurries to check it out. We see a large field of wildflowers, and Red can be seen fading in and out. He hears the girl call out to him, and then he welcomes the audience who give him a standing ovation, and subsequently throw rice at him. He hears Bomb, telling him to wake up; it turns out to be a dream. Red is snapped out of his euphoria, and tells Chuck & Bomb that they didn't see his dream. Bomb tells him they're in trouble, and Red discovers that the mysterious stranger has kidnapped them, and locked them in a cage. To escape, Red suggests to Bomb that he explode in order to free themselves. Bomb agrees, but tells he needs to be made angry to actually explode. As he struggles, Red and Chuck hurl some insults at Bomb; it just makes him feel hurt instead of angry, and therefore impossible for him to explode. Suddenly the car stops. The back is opened, and the stranger picks up the cage to somewhere. Red immediately tries to pull the door open, ordering Chuck and Bomb to do the same. They are carried into a house, upstairs and placed inside someone's bedroom. When they are gone, Chuck tries to use his superspeed to break down the door. He does break open the door, but Bomb realizes that you push instead of pull. As Chuck comes round, he sees that the room is filled with some Angry Birds paraphernalia—stickers, posters, and some fan art.



The Bird Cage/Transcript

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