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The Birds Get Angry is the twenty-first episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on April 13, 2019.


As a last ditch effort, the Angry Birds channel their anger into constructing a slingshot to free themselves.


The episode begins with King Pig trying to turn on the girl's phone. He manages to do so, and eventually he and his minions take some selfies (all while a seagull interrupts them), but they eventually get serious, and try to smash the phone. Back at the apartment, the trio are inside the room, accidentally having been abandoned. Chuck looks worried, but Red thinks they'll realize their mistake soon enough. As they're driving, both the mom and the girl remark that the "birds" are a lot quieter than before. Red soon thinks they aren't returning. Chuck and Bomb console Red over his loss, saying he gave it his best shot. Red however isn't ready to give up just yet; he reminds the two that they're Angry Birds, and the Pigs are messing with the wrong flock. They join in, and build a rudimentary catapult. After a brief note on how they've done montages too many times to make things interesting, Chuck is locked and loaded onto the catapult. Red and Bomb pull him downwards to a major degree, and successfully launch him towards the window; they fail, as it is obviously closed. Finally, both the girl and her mom return, with the latter nervously making an excuse for her mistake of deserting the trio.


  • This is King Pig and Medium Pig's second appearance from The Pig Reveal.
  • King Pig's selfie song is a parody of "Hotline Bling" by Drake.
  • The fourth and last Angry Birds on The Run episode were Matilda, Jay, Jake, Jim, Silver, Terence and Bubbles made an appearance but only on Posters from The Bird CageThe Birds Set A Trap and The Pig Reveal. Matilda and Stella appear in the second season.




Angry Birds on The Run - The Birds Get Angry - S1 Ep21

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