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The Birds Set A Trap is the nineteenth of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on March 23, 2019.


Red, Chuck and Bomb work tirelessly in the making of a miraculous machine capable of flipping the script on their captors and freeing the Angry Birds from captivity.


The episode begins with Chuck explaining the events of previous episodes (kind of like episodic blerbs used in story arcs and two parter episodes), but being the big headed bird he is, tells it from his point of view, as if he was the hero. He ends with something about a unicorn, to the confusion of Bomb and Red, who don't remember anything. Red then points out all of the paraphernalia in the room. Bomb calmly assumes whoever kidnapped them is likely a fan of them, but noticing some feathers, assumes something's wrong. By looking at the map on the bulletin board, Red realizes they've been followed the entire time. Chuck points out something else—candy wrappers, implying their captor ate it all, and remarks it's not good for them. Irritated by this, Red tells he's not worried about that, but how they can escape. As usual, Chuck tells he has yet another plan; of course Red gets ticked off, and decides to hear the SHORT version of Chuck's plan. Chuck rapidly tells they can use a bin, broom, some yarn, cellotape, safety pins, a picture frame and a boot to make a trap that will get their captor when they open the door. Bomb agrees, but tells Chuck to fill him in again, but slowly. A montage plays out of them assembling a trip-wire based trap involving some mistletoe, a bin filled with onions and tangerines, the broom as a trigger, as well as a magnifying glass to burn the string in order to literally give their victim the boot. After finishing the trap, they wait silently for he door to open... only for the door behind them to open. In comes the "mysterious stranger", and the girl, surprising the trio.



  • In the second Angry Birds on The Run episode were Matilda, Jay, Jake, Jim, Silver, Terence and Bubbles make an appearance but only as posters form The Bird Cage.



Angry Birds on The Run - The Birds Set A Trap - S1 Ep19

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