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The "Blue Squadron", or Pilot Birds, are counterparts based on Jay, Jake, and Jim in the Angry Birds Star Wars universe. They are part of the Rebel forces against the Pork Side, and normally fly jets.

Unlike the other characters of the game, the Blues are not based on a specific character, but an entire group, and their names are Wedge Antilles (born 21 BBY on Corellia), Biggs Darklighter (born 19 BBY on Tatooine; died 0 BBY near the Death Star I, Yavin system) and Garven Dreis (born 25 BBY on Virujansi; died 0 BBY near the Death Star, Yavin system). They are also known as Jay Antilles, Jake Darklighter, and Jim Dreis perspectively.

The Blue Squadron fly in the formation of one and then split to confuse the enemy. They are reliable and dedicated to fighting the Sith. According to the encyclopaedia of the characters, you must be "blue" in order to be a part of the army. Their helmets are worn with pride to represent who they are, while the orange stripe running down in the middle allows them to see each other more clearly.


Once again, the Blues have the same ability that they've had in every single game before. (actually being the only characters whose ability didn't change in this game)

However, as the player progresses he/she can unlock an upgrade, a feature that has never existed before in any of the other Angry Birds games. In this upgrade, their ability becomes much stronger, and an electric shock is added when the hit any surface, causing a mini-explosion. Once the player unlocks this feature, it cannot be removed and can be used in any of the levels, even the ones previous to the upgrade.

It is also notable that in this game, the characters' abilities can be activated for a small period of time after they land, so this should be kept in mind when the player is playing the game. However, when this is used with the Blue Squadron, it is not very effective.



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