The Butler Did It!
The Butler Did It TC
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Episode number 100
Air Date April 15, 2016 (Toons.TV App)
Written by Glenn Dakin
Directed by Eric Bastier
Birds Unknown
Pigs MinionPigToons KingPigToons MoustachePigToons CorporalPigToons
Romance in a Bottle Stalker

The Butler Did It! is the twenty-second episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the one hundredth overall.

This episode was aired on April 15, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Movie night is ruined by a destroyed film, but King Pig must know how the movie ends! This is where it all gets a bit too real.



The episode begins with King Pig and Foreman Pig watching a crime movie where a detective is investigating who among the suspects, a sweeper, a chef, and a panicking Butler Pig, was the one who killed the dead Minion Pig. Just as the detective was about to point out the murderer, the film suddenly burned due to the camera being on fire. King Pig quickly blew out the fire but it then came back and destroyed the camera and the film. As he had no way to know what happened in the film, King Pig cried. Suddenly, Foreman Pig had an idea; let King Pig be the detective. Happy with his idea, King Pig decided to take it.

In the next scene, Foreman Pig got the three suspects ready for King Pig to investigate. Then he found a suitable Minion Pig for the victim and proceeded to knock him out with a hammer before passing it to the butler. He then told King Pig to point out the murderer. After some thorough investigation, King Pig concluded that it was the chef who murdered the Minion Pig, disappointing Foreman Pig.

In the next scene, Foreman Pig was using a trail of Pig Cherry Jam as blood to help King Pig conclude it was the Butler who murdered the Minion Pig. Meanwhile, a window washer outside saw something red drip from the hammer> Shocked to think that the red substance was blood, he was prompted to get the police for help. Back to Foreman Pig, he got King Pig to try again. The monarch sniffed the trail and ate it all the way to the "dead" minion pig and conceded it was the "dead" minion pig who killed the minion pig, even though Foreman Pig said it was the butler, causing both the butler and Foreman Pig to be disappointed.

In the following scene, (which by the way only has the butler as the suspect with all the light arrows pointing at him as the murderer to help King Pig and his stupidity) King Pig was trying to see if the butler was the murderer when the doorbell came off, prompting the butler to hand the hammer to King Pig and answer the door. Turns out it was a police pig investigating what happened. When the police pig wanted to know who murdered the minion pig, King Pig activated his brainpower, coming to the conclusion that it was himself who murdered the Minion Pig, causing the police pig to arrest him and Foreman Pig to be shocked.

In the credits, King Pig could still be heard laughing as he was taken away.



  • Like the episodes before it starting from Mind The Pony, this episode's copyright dates from 2015 instead from 2016 due to productions in 2015.
  • At 2:09, the Butler Pig is seen near the doors but was not there at 2:33.


  • This episode is a milestone episode. This is the 100th episode of AB Toons.
  • It is the second episode to feature Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, and King Pig in one episode, after The Porktrait.
  • In the credits, Corporal Pig is listed as Police Pigs because he is a police in this episode.
  • At 2:33, King Pig said something that sounded like "Bye-bye".
  • This is the second episode to have an Angry Birds character get arrested (Which is King Pig), the first was Mind The Pony.
  • On the Title  Card, the Butler Pig and the mallet's shadows resemble a Chef Pig's shadow.

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