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The Catch

Episode No. 27
Air Date October 10, 2014
Directed by JP Saari
Written by JP Saari and
Jenny Meissmer &
Jaakko Stenius
Pigs Minion Pig
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The Game Snowed Up

The Catch is the twenty-seventh episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Ice hole fishing is usually a relaxing hobby. But when an impatient piggy casts his line, there’s no telling what’s going to be the catch of the day.


A little piggy went for ice hole fishing. After open a hole with his saw, he took up the fishing rod and fishing with a part of cheese as a bait. But with the part of cheese he didn't fish anything (except of the part of cheese). So, he threw the part of cheese. After that fail, he tried again with a part of meat. But he didn´t got anything again so, he threw it again. Now, he tries with a cake, but looks like the fish didn´t like it. So, he threw that again. The piggy panicked because he didn't have any more things in the box, except of a saw. After thinking a bit, he tried, with no waiting result, with the saw. Believe it or not, something was pulling the fishing rod. Piggy was very-very happy but when he pulled the fishing rod, only there was, is a part of a rope. But, something strange happened: saw surfaced, opened a hole around the piggy and...


  • Minion Pigs
  • Toolbox (exclusive appearance)
  • Ham (exclusive appearance)
  • Wrench (exclusive appearance)
  • Cake (exclusive appearance)


  • It is unknown how the ground would be ice.
  • A little bit of this episode makes a cameo in The Angry Birds Movie, when the pot falls through the castle, it can be seen briefly on a TV.




Piggy Tales - The Catch - S1 Ep27

Come on! Will the fish come here?

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