The Catch
Episode number 27
Air Date October 10, 2014
Written by JP Saari and
Jenny Meissmer &
Jaakko Stenius
Directed by JP Saari
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The Game Snowed Up

The Catch is the twenty-seventh episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Ice hole fishing is usually a relaxing hobby. But when an impatient piggy casts his line, there’s no telling what’s going to be the catch of the day.


A little piggy went for ice hole fishing. After open a hole with his saw, he took up the fishing rod and fishing with a part of cheese as a bait! But with the part of cheese he didn't fish anything (except of the part of cheese)! So, he threw the part of cheese! After that "epic" fail, he tried again with a part of meat! But he didn´t have anything again...! So, he threw it again! Now, he tries with a cake! But looks like fish didn´t like it! So, he threw that again! The piggy panicked 'cause he didn't have any more things in the box, except of the saw! After think a bit, he tried, with no waiting resault, with the saw! Believe it or not, something was pulling the fishing rod! Piggy was very-very happy but when he pulled the fishing rod, only there was, is a part of a rope! But, something strange happened: saw surfaced, opened a hole around the piggy and...


  • Minion Pigs
  • Toolbox (exclusive appearance)
  • Ham (exclusive appearance)
  • Wrench (exclusive appearance)
  • Cake (exclusive appearance)


  • It is unknown how the ground would be ice.
  • A little bit of this episode makes a cameo in The Angry Birds Movie, when the pot falls through the castle, it can be seen briefly on a TV.



Piggy Tales- "The Catch"

Piggy Tales- "The Catch"

Come on! Will the fish come here?

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