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"The Claw Machineis the seventeenth episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on March 9, 2019. 


Red, Chuck and Bomb find themselves trapped inside an arcade claw machine ( with Bomb in love with a plush flamingo). Will the Angry Birds figure out a way to escape before someone takes home a cuddly prize?


Following their capture from the previous episode, the birds are now stuck in an arcade crane game along with other plush toys. We see a hyperactive man running all over the arcade, fiddling with various game controls. When he comes towards the crane game, he runs away in panic after seeing Red moving to call for help. As Red and Chuck look at one and other, they discuss options, which don't seem to work. As for Bomb, he is shown talking to his new "love interest", a pink flamingo (much to Chuck's disgust). As Chuck continues to speak, Red spots the girl with the phone, by catching sight of her shoes. They all lunge towards the glass and try to call the girl, but their voices are muffled, so they decide to think of a new plan. Red orders Chuck to hold onto his rear end with his beak, as should Bomb do for Chuck, so that anyone who sees them will think they're getting three prizes for the price of one. Chuck is on board, but Bomb is still busy chatting. Eventually, someone arrives (it's the mysterious stranger who had been following the trio from the start) and manages to fish out the three birds, but Bomb drops his "love" and feels saddened. The others are glad to be free, but their joy falters after they recognize their stalker, who takes them.




  • The claw machine in the episode is an Elaut E-Claw.
  • If you look closely, you can see Galaga, a 1981 Namco arcade game in the background.
  • If you look even closer at the arcade cabinet behind the claw, you'll see the main cast of the Nick Jr. show, PAW patrol.



Angry Birds on The Run - The Claw Machine - S1 Ep17

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