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This article is about the object in the Angry Birds series. For the object in the Angry Birds Star Wars series, see The Egg.

"I present to you... the eggs!"
Leonard, The Angry Birds Movie

The egg[note 1] is an object that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is a type of item used for reproduction amongst birds, though it has also been used as food.



Overall, normal eggs are similar to the real-life eggs. They are covered by an oval white shell that protects them. The eggs' size is shown to be pretty large, almost the size of an adult bird's head.

A group of smaller eggs, from "Vlogging with Zoe".

In addition to the normal eggs, there exist smaller ones. These are similar to the normal eggs, except that they are much smaller and have a light brown-colored shell.[1]

Features and abilities

The eggs are used by birds for reproduction; after some time, the eggs will eventually hatch, and a newborn bird, known as a hatchling, will emerge from it. Normally, one single hatchling will emerge from an egg, though hatchlings such as the triplets Jake, Jay and Jim emerged from the same egg. Nevertheless, eggs have also been used as food, or as an ingredient for cakes.[1]

Game appearances

Angry Birds (game)

In the original Angry Birds, and its Chinese version, three eggs appear as the main plot point of the game. Throughout the various episodes of the game, the Piggy kingdom, led by King Pig, tried several times to steal the three eggs from the Angry Birds to eat them. However, the flock ends up getting them.

In gameplay, the eggs are commonly featured in the very last levels of the episodes. In gameplay, they appear to be undestructible, as they do not break by falling from high heights, being crushed, etc. However, the Mighty Eagle can destroy them.

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, and its Chinese version, the eggs have a similar role as in the previous game, as King Pig and his minions constantly steal the three eggs from the Angry Birds to eat them, only to fail. In gameplay, they appear in some levels of most episodes, and in the ending photos of the episodes before Ham Dunk. While they normally appear as three or less, one level of Pig Days has an enormous group of them. Like in the original Angry Birds however, they are undestructible.

Angry Birds Rio

In the "Rio" storyline of Angry Birds Rio, the eggs are minor plot items. At the start of the events of the game, the Angry Birds were taking care of their three eggs as usual, until they were taken by helicopter to Brazil. At some point during the birds' absence, Foreman Pig and a Minion Pig tried to steal the eggs. When they were about to do so however, the Angry Birds returned back through a damaged plane and crash-landed nearby, relieved that the eggs were safe.

Angry Birds Friends

In Angry Birds Friends, the eggs appear as common items in the levels. Like in previous appearances however, they are undestructible.

Angry Birds Space

In Angry Birds Space, the Angry Birds' eggs were stolen by King Pig and taken to space, where they underwent special transformations that turned them into the Space Eggs. However, they were eventually saved by the Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies

In Bad Piggies, real eggs do not appear; instead, they make small cameos as pranks made by the Blues to fool the pigs.

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Star Wars II

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, two eggs containing Luke and Leia were briefly shown at the ending cutscene of the Pork Side version of Revenge of the Pork.

The Hatchling's Egg

Angry Birds Transformers

When the Eggspark crashed on Piggy Island, the eggs were transformed into the Eggbots.

Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2, the eggs are used as the main plot point of the story mode, but also as the way for your Hatchling to be adopted.


  1. Known as ay-nah in the language of the birds and the pigs in Angry Birds Toons.


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