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The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Angry Birds on the Run. It premiered on April 20, 2019. In this episode, it is revealed that there is going to be a second season of the series according to the YouTube description of this episode.


The first season of Angry Birds on the Run comes to a close with an epic showdown that has us all in suspense. Will the birds make it home to their world, or will they be stuck in our world forever? At least our world has Ice Cream.


The episode begins with the girl and her mom in their car with the birds, and the dog Wolfie. We see her looking at an iPad, using a phone finder application to search for her phone. This annoys her, while her mother says it's coming in handy right now, but that doesn't help. As for the birds, they start yelling loudly as they look out the windows, the directions to go to the phone, but to the two humans, they sound like they're making unintelligible noises. They stop after some time. Cut to the pier, with King Pig happily looking at his minions trying to smash the phone with nothing but toy tools. He soon looks surprised to see the both the humans, and the trio (riding on Wolfie) heading towards the pigs. King Pig orders his minions to hurry up, but he becomes annoyed due to their incompetence. The rudimentary catapult from the previous episode is used here, and Bomb is locked and loaded by the two humans, and is launched far. He actually explodes, resulting in a deafening noise, but he misses. Then Chuck is launched, after some encouragement from Red, and he manages to hit King Pig as soon as he falls to the ground, but also chucking away the phone. Red looks delighted, but falters after seeing King Pig on the jetty's edge, threatening to throw the phone into the sea, but accidentally pushes it, thus eliminating any chance of the Birds' return home. All hope seems lost, but the mom shows Angry Birds on the iPad. Everyone looks at it, a warp occurs, but the episode ends on a cliffhanger, setting the stage for Season 2.



  • This is King Pig and Medium Pig's third appearance since The Pig Reveal and The Birds Get Angry.
  • The move Chuck performs after being launched is similar to a Z-Move Corkscrew Crash that is seen in the Pokémon anime.
  • The synopsis (Description) says that at least our world has Ice Cream, but in the Angry Birds World, there's also Ice Cream.

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