Angry Birds on The Run The Final Showdown - S1 Ep22-0

Angry Birds on The Run The Final Showdown - S1 Ep22-0

Red, King Pig and Medium Pig

The Final Showdown' is the twenty-second and the last episode of the first season of Angry Birds on the Run. It premiered on April 20, 2019. In this episode, it is revealed that there is going to be a second season of the series according to the Youtube description of this episode.


The first season of Angry Birds on the Run comes to a close with an epic showdown that has us all in suspense. Will the birds make it home to their world? Or will they be stuck in our world forever? At least our world has ice cream.



This is King Pig and Medium Pig's third appearance from The Pig Reveal and The Birds Get Angry.

The move Chuck performs after being launched is similar to a Z-Move Corkscrew Crash that is seen in the Pokemon anime.

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