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"The Flock Get Reflectiveis the fifth episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on December 1, 2018. 


The Angry Birds finally discover that they are not alone in the human world.


Firstly, we see the trio walking by, with Red strictly saying no more distractions. Suddenly, they hear Chuck scream, and walk over to see what's up. Chuck is looking at his own reflection, which he thinks is someone else. The others walk up and see their own reflections too, and Chuck thinks they're his friends. The three each do their own thing—Red carefully inspects his "friend" to uncover the mystery; Chuck boastfully talks to his, pointing out what a great leader he is (which isn't actually true), and thinks his "friend" is messing about; Bomb immediately falls in love with his reflection, and the two socialize about their interests. As Red continues examining, he soon realises that it is, of course, a mirror, and warns Chuck and Bomb not to crack it, or else seven years of bad luck. The others clearly don't pay attention, as Bomb is so enticed that he kisses his "love", while Chuck becomes increasingly annoyed by his reflection "mocking" him. In the end, he snaps, by zipping into the mirror, shattering it (and also Bomb crying over the loss of his "love"). We then see them wrapped in bandages, due to their injuries, with Chuck sternly saying he regrets nothing.




  • Red quotes the age-old belief of gaining seven years of bad luck if one breaks a mirror.



Angry Birds on The Run - The Flock Get Reflective - S1 Ep5

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