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The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg Tittle Card.png
Episode No. 3
Air Date November 15, 2014
Directed by Meruan Salim
Written by Anastasia Heinzl
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Bad Princess Rock On!

The Golden Egg is the third episode of the Angry Birds Stella Animated Series. This episode is also the debut of the Artist Pig.

Toons.TV Description

As construction continues on her castle, Gale settles in to read The Book, learning the legend of the ultra-powerful GOLDEN EGG (cue echo). It seems that The Golden Egg is located under the... well, you'll see!


The episode begins outside of Gale's castle, with a few pigs ascending a bridge with a type of invention. However, it is revealed that they have already lost control of said invention. The pigs quickly go offscreen and the camera pans upward towards Gale's lookout-post. Gale scoffs at these pigs, annoyed.

To her surprise, Gale hears music from the distance. Using deductive reasoning, it could only be Poppy, and she is correct. Gale peeks into the telescope to first find Stella cringing and becoming annoyed with Poppy's drum solo. Poppy then finishes off her performance with a huge gong, and upon banging said object, the shockwave sends the drums flying a short distance and Poppy ends up on Stella's head. Gale finds this amusing.

Gale walks back into her castle to find that her minions are having a discussion. however, they cease discussion as soon as the Bad Princess makes her entrance. She approaches a Chef Pig, who has treats to give her. Gale tastes what appears to be cupcakes with white frosting on them. Finding that she dislikes the aforementioned food, she throws it onto the pig's face, the former being annoyed.

Gale then approaches Artist Pig, and the latter appears interested in his progress. The pig moves aside, revealing that his skills in making portraits are not quite the best. Although it was his best effort, it wasn't good enough for Gale's tastes, thus she gets enraged. She throws the painted canvas onto the pig's body and tosses him out of the window.

Annoyed, Gale hops onto a makeshift elevator alongside her admirer, Handsome Pig, and another pig switches a red lever, sending Gale and Handsome Pig on a quick descent. Gale then becomes happy to find that she's approaching her room, where the legend of the Golden Egg resides. Becoming happy, she opens this book and does a little research.

The book reveals the the Golden Egg is hidden under a tree, and the pictures depict a pig holding the egg and tapping it on a rock, turning the rock into a pile of assorted jewels. Gale gets an idea that if she possessed the Golden Egg, her friends will become impressed. She even fantasized about transforming a golden temple into a castle, and then Stella's flock bowing down to her, and taking full control of the pig minions.

Gale's train of thought derailed as the castle begins to shake violently. It is revealed that the same pigs who lost control of an invention are causing the ruckus, and as they lose control in the castle, they accidentally cut down a massive, wooden statue of Gale. Gale and Handsome Pig look on with worry, fear, and confusion as the aforementioned structure topples over, and the head of the statue rolls out of a hole in the wall and falls down a great height. soon hitting lava and sinking into it. Gale looks at pigs who witnessed the accident, looking annoyed. The pigs, thinking that she was going to abuse them, run away. Gale then sees her former friends' treehouse, and realizes that it is the tree that contains the Golden Egg.

Gale's eyes then take the shape of golden eggs as she looks at the tree home. The scene then transitions to Stella and her friends being annoyed with another one of Poppy's drum solos, and to finish off another performance, Poppy attempts to hit the gong; however, Stella blocks it and Poppy hits Stella on the head. Stella then snatches the stick away from Poppy, and the latter and everyone else becoming nervous. Poppy looks heartbroken.

Stella and her friends hear a machine quickly approaching their home, and go look to see what's going on, and it is revealed that it is the same invention coming towards them, this time Gale is at the wheel, and she has full control. The machine contains a huge, circular saw to cut down the tree. Stella gasps and realizes what is happening, but doesn't understand why this is happening. Gale laughs maniacally as the tree becomes ever closer.

Stella quickly descends the tree and puts herself in harm's way to protect her and her friend's tree home. Gale then notices Stella in her line of sight and ceases the machine's approach to avoid harming the former. Gale attempts to jump onto the circular saw and then jump onto the ground for the purpose of making a decent entrance; however, the saw is still spinning slightly, thus when jumping onto the saw, Gale slips and falls on her face in the sand below. The end result causes Stella's friends to become amused. Gale then gets up, angry and growls at Stella, who continues to block her way.

Luca notices Gale, which prompts him to jump down from the tree and hug Gale. Gale becomes nervous, but then loves the embrace. Stella quickly runs up to Luca, snatches him away, and brings him to her side, and the end result causes Gale to become heartbroken on some degree. Gale then orders her minions to fight Stella, and then Stella's friends call to arms to fight back as Gale accesses the situation.

The pigs and birds run at each other, at first the pigs have the upper hand since they easily pile the flock; however, the flock busts out of the pile and send the pigs flying, to Gale's chagrin. As the birds and pigs fight, Gale reactivates the machine and heads straight towards the tree. Stella calls for Luca at her side, and the former arrives. Stella throws Luca towards the machine and ends up knocking off Handsome Pig into the distance, to Gale's amusement. one of the birds then throws Poppy's stick and at first, it hits Gale in the face, causing her to become dazed and enraged. It then hits Poppy at the back of her head after flattening a minion pig, and gets the idea. Gale's machine advances towards the flock, still guarding the tree, Stella and her friends dodge the circular saw in time. Poppy is shown running up the tree and deducts that her equipment won't do the job, so she pulls out a baseball bat, but then decides that will be useless as well.

At the last minute, Poppy retrieves a huge, wooden mallet and and hits the gong. The shockwave caused from this is so intense, It disrupts the machine's function and structural integrity, making it become a pile of useless material. Poppy gets off of the ground, confused, and when she snaps out of this confusion, she looks on to see her gong is ruined from the impact. Poppy is saddened by this.

Gale and her minions regain consciousness and sees Stella and the rest of the flock looking down on them with fury, and Gale becomes nervous and runs, her minions in close pursuit. There's one last pig who won't give up, and he keeps tackling the tree, to no avail. Stella and her friends look at the pig, as if to say that he's lost the battle and it's pointless to keep trying. The pig then takes his chance at escape and runs back to the castle.

Back at the castle, a pig with a hammer has just finished fixing the door the machine busted through, and Gale rushes into those doors, angry. She lays down on a pile of pillows, exhausted. Handsome Pig then hands her the book of the Golden Egg, to find that there is another Golden Egg on the island. In response to this solution, she laughs evilly, and her minions begin to laugh with her, as if they feel they're supposed to.

Ironically, Gale stares at the pigs to make them stop laughing.

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  • This is the first episode to prompt Gale's Golden Egg Hunt.
    • It was initially thought that this would immediately become a failure, since the Golden Egg had only been seen in a book. It would be proven several episodes later that the Golden Egg still exists.
  • This episode marks Artist Pig's first appearance.
  • The book that contains the legend depicting the Golden Egg has pictures that depict a pig reminiscent of that of King Pig, the main antagonist of the main Angry Birds flock; however, on account of how old the book is, It may be another monarch, who is a pig.
  • When Gale's wooden statue fell into the volcano, it may be foreshadowing the episode To The Bitter End, where Gale seemingly died in a volcano; however, she ended up surviving.
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