The Golden Queen is the ninth episode of the second season of Angry Birds Stella and the twenty-second overall. It premiered on January 15, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Haunted by nightmares of the Golden Egg slipping from her grasp, Gale returns to Golden Island's volcano to locate the precious artifact. Surely she can't outsmart the monsters guarding the oblong orb. Can she?

Characters (in order of appearance)


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  • This is the second episode from 2016 to be on countdown before the premiere on the app.
  • The intro to this episode is a reference to the episode, "To The Bitter End".
  • The Golden Banana seen in this episode is a reference to the episode, "It's Mine!"
  • This is the third time in the series that Gale encounters The Golden Egg, but the first time in Season 2.


  • Luca didn't appear in the credits list, but he appears in this episode.
  • Stella is listed in the credits, but she wasn't in this episode.
  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.


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